Stoneacre KIA Wallasey employee heading for the KIA service advisors skills cup world final

14 Mar 2019 by Lisa Simm

We’d like to offer Olivia Dunn from our Stoneacre KIA Wallasey branch a massive congratulations for making it to the KIA Service Advisors Skills Cup World Finals.

The Service Advisor Skills Cup UK Final was held at KIA Academy Training Centre in Nottingham on 27 February 2019. Only five contestants made it to the UK finals, and thanks to all of her hard work Olivia was one of the five. The finalists had to carry out a range of tasks specifically designed to test their knowledge of KIA, as well as their competency and customer handling skills. 

While all five participants performed well and achieved high scores, it was Olivia who managed to pip the others to the post and gain the top spot. This win means that Olivia will now go on to represent the UK at the Service Advisor Skills Cup World Final held in Korea, in April. She will be competing against other service advisors from around the world. 

Olivia has been working at Stoneacre for the past six years and has been a KIA representative since 2015. In this time, Olivia has gained a wealth of knowledge; clearly demonstrated by her impressive achievements in this gruelling service advisor challenge. We’re sure anyone lucky enough to have encountered Olivia would agree that she goes above and beyond to ensure customers get the very best service.

We wish Olivia luck in her next challenge taking on the world’s best in KIA customer service. We’ll make sure we keep you updated and let you know how she does.

Kia Wallasey

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