Man spends his sons’ inheritance fighting a £100 speeding fine

10 Sep 2019 by Sam Bisby

A man from Bristol has spent £30,000 of his life savings in a legal battle for “justice” over a meager £100 fine for speeding.

Richard Keedwell aged 71 from Yate, close to Bristol, said a “seriously flawed” legal system meant battling the fine took up almost three years of his life and used up his son’s inheritance money.

He says he was wrongly clocked doing 35mph in a 30 zone back in 2016 when he was on a day out to Worcester. The retired engineer claimed he “was certainly not doing more than 30mph” in New Road, in November of that year.

He stated, “I was very surprised when a couple of days later I got the Notice of Intended Prosecution. I really couldn’t believe that I had been speeding. It made a simple day out turn very sour actually.”

£30,000 worth of sour, to be precise.

Richard had to recruit the help of a video and electronics expert who claimed to the court that the camera may have been faulty or could have been triggered by another vehicle in an adjacent lane.

He claims it took four trips to Worcester Magistrates’ Court before his appeal was even heard and that after losing the case, he lost a further case, this time at crown court.

He says he thought the case would be over “fairly quickly” but ended up spending “the best part of £30,000” which included £21,000 in barristers’ fees and £7,000 in court costs, plus his travel expenses from Bristol.

Mr. Keedwell said he felt guilty his family would miss out and said the case had proved “very stressful”.

He finished by saying: “I regret the amount of money. I very simply wanted justice”.

Ouch. Would you ever go to such lengths to clear a speeding fine?

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