Five Benefits of Owning an Electric Car

By: Alice Nicolson

We all want to lower our carbon footprint and changing to an electric car is one of the most productive ways to do it. Did you know domestic road use accounts for 25 per cent of the UK’s emissions? Shocking, I know!

We live in a time where we simply can’t do without our cars. Most of you probably heavily rely on your car to get to work, collect your kids, and generally get around. So it would be unrealistic to ask people to stop driving their cars, so why not opt for an electric one?

Electric car sales are on the rise. In 2014, electric vehicle sales quadrupled and some people predict the price of electric cars will be the same price as petrol cars in 2018.

I know what you’re thinking: currently, electric cars are expensive, right? Well, you would be surprised just how many benefits you can get from trading in your petrol or diesel for an electric car. There’s that many, we thought this list might help you to decide whether this is an option for you. You’re welcome.

#1 Cheaper running costs

One of the biggest adjustments from driving a conventional car is you don’t need to fill it up with fuel, you just have to charge it - like your phone! One charge typically lasts around 100 miles and costs £2-4. In a diesel or a petrol, 100 miles costs £17-£20, that’s a huge saving on your fuel bill!

You’ll especially notice the savings if you have an overnight, low rate electricity tariff. If you have space, you can even get a hook up point installed at your home, making it convenient as well as cost-effective.

#2 Cheaper to maintain

Lowering fuel costs isn’t the only place you’ll save money. Electric cars have fewer components than a conventional car, so this can bring down servicing costs throughout ownership. Think about it, there’s no brake fluid to change, no gears and no oil filters to clean! That’s cost effective and more convenient for you. On top of that, this takes away a lot of the current problems we have with our vehicles.

I know what you’re thinking, what do they do to service an electric car? Well, much like your phone, electric cars need system updates. Also, it’s estimated the battery needs replacing around every seven years. But just think, how does this compare to the amount of time, money and energy you spend on your car now?

If the car costs less than £40,000, it’s exempted from car tax, which is another yearly expense you don’t have to worry about.

#3 Better for the environment

When people want to buy an electric car, the reason at the forefront of their mind is it’s better for the environment, which makes sense. It’s one of the most effective ways to lower personal emissions. If more people changed to electric cars, we could drastically lower the countries emissions as a whole.

There are several things that make driving an electric car beneficial for the environment. The highlight is obviously that there’s less pollution and a reduction in greenhouse gases like CO2. Producing the electricity uses less fossil fuels than conventional cars. There’s also the option to recycle the energy to things like solar, making it a truly innovative renewable energy method.

#4 Reduced noise pollution

For those of you who like to hear a grunt when you put your foot down, this might not be the highlight of this list. But, for the people around you and your own comfort, the reduced sound of an electric engine can give you a seriously relaxed drive. Imagine how much better you could hear your music without all that engine noise?

Don’t be confused, you will still get the same amount of road and tyre noise, but it will drastically reduce the overall noise your car makes, making it better for those around you.

#5 Government subsidies

At the minute, depending on the model, the government cover up to 35 per cent of the cost of your electric car up to a maximum of £4,500. This will come off automatically at the dealership. It’s a pretty impressive saving considering when you buy a conventional car you would have to pay the full price. They don’t just stop at cars, you also get 20 per cent off an electric van up to a maximum of £8,000.

Remember though, these subsidies are for the current climate. Not many people own electric cars at the minute, but that figure is predicted to change in the coming years. If you want to make the most of what the government has to offer, you need to get in quick!

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