9 of the safest family cars

04 Apr 2019 by Lisa Simm

To celebrate family safety week, which runs from the 1st-7th April, we’ve taken a look at some of the safest family cars available across our dealership network. 

We’ve used Euro NCAP scores as our benchmark of the safest family cars looking specifically at cars that have received a five-star rating in 2018 and 2019. From family hatchbacks to sophisticated SUVs there are now a wealth of cars available Euro NCAP’s five-star rating, so we’ve broken things down further to show how each car performed in the four key areas tested by Euro NCAP; adult occupant, child occupant, vulnerable road users and safety assist. 

The first two tests Euro NCAP tests are straightforward and look specifically at how safe the car is for adults (driver and passengers) and children (passengers).  The vulnerable road user category looks at how safe the car is for pedestrians and cyclists. While the safety assist test evaluates driver-assistance and crash-avoidance technologies that are now standard on many cars. 

Safest Family Cars – 2019 Rated

Two of our latest models have already received five-star ratings this year, the SEAT Tarraco a brand new seven-seat SUV and a revamped Honda CR-V. 

SEAT Tarraco

Adult – 97%         Child – 84%          Vulnerable road users – 79%       Safety Assist – 79% 

A whopping 97% adult protection and an impressive 84% child protection score ensure that this is a seven-seater you can put your trust in to keep the family safe. 

Plus, thanks to an impressive range of driver assistance features it scored impressively in the safety assist category. Speed and lane-keeping assistance offer extra reassurance on your journey, controlling your speed and keeping you in your lane if you start to drift.

Pre-crash assist helps to prevent an accident occurring in the first place, while rollover assist ensures that in the event of an accident you are kept safer. On top of that, the emergency call system automatically notifies the emergency services in the event of an accident, so that if you are unresponsive, you still get vital assistance as soon as possible. 

Meanwhile, autonomous emergency braking helps to prevent a collision with pedestrians or cyclists. 

Honda CR-V

Adult – 93%         Child – 83%          Vulnerable road users – 70%       Safety Assist – 76% 

The Honda CR-V has been on the market since 1996, however, the latest generation model of the brand new Honda CR-V is one of the most accomplished and safest yet. A full raft of front and side airbags and Isofix child seat mounts ensured the CR-V performed well in both adult and child protection Euro NCAP testing.

State-of-the-art driver assistance comes via Honda Sensing which sets to advance safety standards. This system incorporates a range of features likes blind spot information, cross traffic monitor, collision mitigation braking, lane departure warning, road departure mitigation, adaptive cruise control, intelligent speed limiter, traffic sign recognition and lane-keeping assist, which all help to keep you and everyone else on board safer

Safest Family Cars – 2018 Rated

Volvo XC40

Adult – 97%         Child – 87%          Vulnerable road users – 71%       Safety Assist – 76% 

Volvo Cars has a reputation for producing some of the safest cars, and the new Volvo XC40 is no exception. The award-winning compact SUV gained high adult and child occupancy safety ratings making it a great options for those with growing families. It comes equipped with Volvo Cars SIPS Side impact protection system which has been designed to minimise injuries by absorbing impact. It also comes with a full raft of airbags including front seat SIPS airbags and a full-length inflatable curtain as well as a whiplash protection system to the front seats.

Volvo Cars Intellisafe system ensures the XC40 is equipped with everything you need to ensure your journey runs smoothly. Pilot assist, blind spot information, cross-traffic alert, park assist pilot, road sign information, electronic stability control and adaptive cruise control offer support and assistance on your commute.  

Mazda 6 

Adult – 95%         Child – 91%          Vulnerable road users – 66%       Safety Assist – 75% 

The Mazda 6 is one of the highest scoring cars in the Euro NCAP child protection test, matched only by the Mercedes A-Class, so is a great choice for those keen to keep their little ones safe. 

Mazda’s i-Activsense technology not only helps you stay safe but also makes driving easier allowing you to enjoy being behind the wheel again. It features a comprehensive range of driver assistance technology including traffic sign recognition, radar cruise control with stop and go, automatic emergency braking and lane assist system. While adaptive LED headlights react to changing conditions to ease the pressure on the driver.

Peugeot 508

Adult – 96%         Child – 86%          Vulnerable road users – 71%       Safety Assist – 79% 

Peugeot’s stylish new fastback saloon is making waves in the car industry for all the right reasons. Not only is it super-stylish and sure to delight, but it is also one of 2018’s Euro NCAP safest cars thanks to the extensive technology that has gone into it. 

The advanced driver assistance systems reinforce safety while also assisting with manoeuvres by helping you better understand and anticipate conditions on the road. For example, the night vision technology uses an infra-red camera system which can detect the presence of obstacles including pedestrians and animals in front of the vehicle to reduce potential collisions in night-time driving conditions.

Volvo S60 & V60

Adult – 96%         Child – 84%          Vulnerable road users – 74%       Safety Assist – 76% 

Just like the new XC40, the Volvo S60 and Volvo V60 scored well under Euro NCAP testing. The estate and saloon styled cars both come with Volvo Cars latest safest features. The rigid safety cell helps to protect all occupants on board, while the purposeful front and rear crumple zones help to dissipate energy in the event of the collision. 

Run-off-road mitigation reduces the chances of the car being accidentally driven off the road, with the car stepping in and taking over steering or braking if required. While Volvo City Safety technology protects those in and outside the car by using radars to constantly monitor the areas surrounding the vehicle to spot potential danger. The car can then give you a helping hand in avoiding the danger by automatically applying the brakes for you. 

Hyundai Santa Fe

Adult – 94%         Child – 88%          Vulnerable road users – 67%       Safety Assist – 76%

The Hyundai Santa Fe is a practical seven-seater that is equipped to tackle family life head-on. The advanced HTRAC all-wheel-drive system gives you extra confidence by helping to increase traction on snow, gravel and regular road surfaces while also enhancing cornering performance.

While Hyundai’s SmartSense system combines industry-leading safety features for cutting-edge levels of safety. The rear cross traffic alert with brake assist is a great feature when reversing as it will alert you if something is crossing your path at the rear. While the lane keeping assist function is great on long journeys as it helps to keep you in your lane. SmartSense also incorporates a blind spot detection system, automatic emergency braking and smart cruise control with stop and go. 

In the event of an accident, the Santa Fe’s high-strength steel body is more rigid and absorbs impact better to reduce the risk of injury to occupants. 

Nissan Leaf

Adult – 93%         Child – 86%          Vulnerable road users – 71%       Safety Assist – 71%

Not only was the Nissan Leaf one of Europe’s best-selling electric vehicles in 2018 it also ranked as one of Euro NCAP safest cars. It has well and truly proved that you can enjoy zero-emission driving with a realistic electric range and still get a car that is fantastic to drive.

Coming equipped with Nissan’s ProPilot system it acts as a helping hand when you need it. Thanks to intelligent emergency braking, intelligent lane intervention and intelligent cruise the car can help you maintain your speed, keep you in your lane and bring you to a complete stop. 

Further helping ease driving pressure is an advanced high beam assist system which automatically turns on the high beam when needed and switches to low beam if the car detects a vehicle ahead. On top of that, intelligent trace control can read road situations and respond by braking each wheel individually to help you turn smoothly. While intelligent ride control helps to smooth out any bumps in the road by applying the brakes and adjusting engine torque to help reduce pitch and roll in the cabin. 

Finding a safe car for your family

To make finding a safe car easier, all of our new and used models for sale that have undergone Euro NCAP safety testing feature a safety information tab. This allows you to quickly see the star rating they scored as well as the breakdown of how the car performed in each area tested. This means it is easy for you to find NCAP’s safest cars. 

Why not explore our new cars, nearly new cars and used cars currently available and find the best and safest car for your family. 

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