2021 Round-Up for Car News

It’s been a crazy year, to say the least. However, as 2022 approaches, we round up some of our best car news from 2021.

January – Renault 5 Revealed

Early this year, the French manufacturer revealed the Renault 5 will return with a brand new all-electric package for the coined ‘Renaulution’. The prototype model takes distinct styling cues from previous generation Renault 5 models produced from 1972 to 1985. However, modern tweaks ensure it has a retro yet futuristic look.

A heavy bout of nostalgia ensured the French firm’s prototype became one of the year’s most talked-about models – furthered, no doubt, by the confirmation that it would share a platform with a bespoke Alpine-badged hot hatch.

Renault 5

February – Jeep’s 80th Anniversary and New Peugeot Badge

Marking 80 years of manufacturing, Jeep revealed in February a whole year of events. Leading 4×4 innovation for eight decades, Jeep continues to push the boundaries of modernism with the new Jeep Renegade 4XE. The Jeep Renegade 4XE offers an impressive blend of off-road capability with outstanding efficiency and an innovative interior.

An ode to their anniversary, Jeep released special edition models to pay tribute to 80 years of Jeep, while honouring a tradition starting in 1966 of releasing special edition models to mark momentous occasions. These include the Jeep Wrangler and the Jeep Renegade.

80th Anniversary Jeep Wrangler

Furthermore, February also saw the refreshed Peugeot badge in aid of their push to electrification. The new-look logo takes inspiration from the heritage 1960s Lion emblem and may be familiar as Peugeot used it on its 2018 e-legend concept car.

Peugeot chose the retro design to celebrate ‘time’ and ‘living in the movement’. By taking inspiration from its history, it refers to both Peugeot’s heritage and its future.

March – Toyota Yaris Named Car of the Year and Electric Volvo

March hit the ground running with the Toyota Yaris claiming the top prize in this year’s prestigious Car of the Year award.

The Toyota Yaris is one of the sleekest superminis on the market, and the new fourth-generation model only serves to improve on its longstanding position.

Access to electric and hybrid cars has been huge this year, which is how Volvo stepped forward with its new Volvo C40 – its first all-electric model. A crossover styled coupe, the C40 brings a sportier look to the distinctive Scandinavian look of Volvo.

Available from 2022, the C40 comes with a 78kWh battery capacity for an official WLTP range of 261 miles.

Volvo C40
2022 Nissan X-Trail

April – End of an Era for the Ford Mondeo, but a New Nissan X-Trail

Ford has recently announced that it plans to end the production of the Ford Mondeo in 2022. It cites a growing decline in the popularity of the saloon as the main reason. As a result, it plans to focus its attention on the electrification of its growing SUV and hatchback sectors instead.

Nissan unveiled the new 2022 Nissan X-Trail at the Shanghai Motor Show, giving us a taste of what’s to come. The new 2022 Nissan X-Trail is set to arrive in Europe in 2022, featuring an e-Power hybrid powertrain from launch. A much-anticipated move, it brings more efficient motoring to one of Nissan’s most popular and practical SUVs.

May – The birth of the CUPRA Born

CUPRA has unveiled its first-ever fully electric model – the Born – with the EV hatchback set for production start in September of this year, boasting a range of up to 335 miles.

Previously seen in concept form as the El-Born, the Spanish marque has finally revealed the production model in unison with announcing its ultimate moniker.

June – Advice for Car Buyers

Purchasing a car is a huge step and one that takes incredible trust from the car dealership to ensure we don’t get ripped off.

At Stoneacre, we recognise this by putting together an advice blog on how to be vigilant when you buy your next car!

July – Knowing the Difference between PCP and a Bank Loan

Knowing the right option to finance your car can be a difficult one, which is why we put together some helpful advice on the pros and cons of a Personal Contract Purchase and getting a Bank Loan to buy your car.

One of the most popular options for car financing is a Personal Contract Purchase Finance (PCP) through a car dealership. This is a car rental agreement through a dealer where you only pay the value of depreciation over the agreed term.

With a bank loan, there is the ability to loan the full value of the car from the lender, so you can completely own that vehicle. There are no rentals, no limitations on mileage, no ties to the car dealership you’ve made that purchase from, as you are a cash buyer.


August – Car Games to Pass the Time

Not car news, but car journeys can happen at any time – especially during the holiday season. This is why we put together some of our favourite car games to help pass the time, no matter the age.

From classics like I-Spy to new ones like ‘Talk until the cows come home’ – there’s a game for everyone.

September – Stunning New Kia and All-New Dacia Jogger

September was a lively month for car news.

Kia announces the new fifth-generation Kia Sportage would be released with a European-specific variant for the first time.

Unlike its international sibling, the European variant will include a shorter wheelbase, whilst having a slightly different styling in places such as a rugged body styling to encompass the millimetres of space lost and a curved roof rack, as well as only being offered in mild-hybrid, hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains.

Kia Sportage

Also in September, the return of car shows since the pandemic began finally happened! At the Munich Motor Show, Dacia publically revealed the all-new Jogger, which will be available in the UK from early Spring 2022 and available for presale in November this year.

The new Dacia Jogger will be the brand’s first budget-focused hybrid-estate-SUV-people-carrier model on the roads.

Ford Focus

October – Ford Focus has a facelift, whilst the UK sets out its Net Zero Strategy for the automobile industry

Fresh for 2022, Ford announced that the Focus will have a facelift to defend its position as a popular choice in the UK.

Changes to the car include new powertrain options, an upgraded infotainment system and a new design for the family hatch.

Meanwhile, the UK government announced that a new strategy will be introduced for the UK to become completely net-zero by 2050, we take a look a closer look at what this could mean for the future of the automotive industry.

In an aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Net Zero Strategy report summarises how the UK will reach the government’s target to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

November – MAXUS Joins Stoneacre’s Van Fleet

Based at our Vanworld in Chesterfield, MAXUS vans bring customers a variety of choices amongst our other brands.

Producing both electric and combustion vans, MAXUS are conscious to offer customers the chance to be eco-friendly no matter what they need to drive.

December – Vauxhall Astra Arrives with Plug-In Options

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… and it definitely is for the new generation of Vauxhall Astra’s.

As a much-loved family hatchback, the all-new Vauxhall Astra has been revealed for its eighth generation and will be the first version to offer drivers two electrified powertrains and plug-in hybrid power.

Additionally, joining the Astra family is the Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer Estate. Similar to the Astra mk8 hatchback, the Astra Sports Tourer Estate incorporates the latest design cues from Vauxhall, including the trademark Vizor front end, which adds sensors for the driver and safety aids and LED headlights to put the new addition in line with Astra’s bold new look.

There we have it, our top stories from 2021. If you’re looking for a new car in 2022 – remember we’re here for you. Happy New Year!

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