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DS Used Cars

Although a comparatively recent stand-alone brand, DS has a long history as a premium vehicle. For 60 years, Citroen's luxurious DS model was referred to as the ‘Goddess’. However, to be recognised as a premium brand, products have to be consistently premium. So to enhance its reputation the DS marque had to distance itself from parent brand Citroen’s mass-market focus.

When Citroen launched the DS3, which sold better than expected, they knew that DS could make it as a brand in its own right. This lead to Citroen's decision to finally give the DS brand its official ‘independence’ in 2014.

Since then, the DS brand has gone from strength to strength and while Citroen focuses on creating cars that are affordable and practical, DS produces stand-out vehicles known more for their sophisticated, distinctive style, and luxury interiors.

You'll find fantastic prices on all our used DS cars, plus part exchange options and finance packages that include 0% finance deals, no deposit options, even bad credit finance if you've had difficulties in the past. Our friendly team is here to help, so get in touch today.

If you want to maximise your deal on a pre-owned DS car, then it might be a good idea to look to part exchange your existing vehicle. Find out how much you could save by using our free car valuation tool.

Ex Rental/Lease Cars

A selection of our pre-owned vehicles may have had multi-users previously.