Used Estate Cars for Sale

Looking to buy a used estate car? At Stoneacre, we have a fantastic estate range to choose from within 70 dealerships in the UK and online. All of our used estate cars undergo 125-point checks carried out by professional technicians. We also perform finance and history background checks, so that you get the best-quality estate car. 

Used Estate Cars for Sale

Explore Popular Used Estate Makes Below...

Used Estate Cars at Stoneacre

Why buy a used estate?

Estate cars are known for space which makes it a perfect family car. Whether you’re going for a vacation and need to fit luggage or picking up the kids from school, it’s a solid choice.

Estates typically have larger boot space than other car types, such as SUVs or hatchbacks, so it’s a practical choice for many.

Additionally, it’s easier to load it than SUV because of the lower profile. An estate vehicle is a combination between a hatchback and a saloon and offers the best of both worlds - a swift hatchback handling and a sophisticated appearance of a saloon. 

Explore Popular Used Estate Models Below...

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What are the most reliable used estate cars?

With loads of choice in the market, it can be a bit complicated to pick the best estate for you. So hopefully, we’ll inspire you with our quick used estate round-up. First up is the SEAT Leon ST, it’s known for modern design and nippy performance – if you want both features combined this could be the one. Next up is Ford Focus Estate, which offers a comfortable driving experience and is popular with families for its safety and copious space. Meanwhile, Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer is great for value as you can get one from £10,000, plus pair it up with a stylish interior and you’ve got yourself a decent car. And yet another Ford on the list, the Ford Mondeo Estate offers lots of space.

How to pick a used estate car?

Just like with any car, there are a lot of considerations before purchasing a used estate car. Perhaps one of the most important things is the price. Luckily, there are plenty of options in the estate market, so it’s entirely possible to get an affordable estate. Some of the cheaper used estates include a Skoda Fabia with Stoneacre prices starting from £5000, Peugeot 308 SW from £8,495 and Honda Civic Tourer from £7,990. We also have a variety of used estate cars on clearance, so you can get one with even bigger savings.

Another factor to consider is the type of fuel. Estate cars typically come in either diesel or petrol versions, with hybrid and electric variants coming in second. You should think about where you’ll be driving, if it’s smaller roads then petrol is more efficient, meanwhile, diesel is the best for long motorway journeys.

Additionally, there’s a choice between automatic, semi-auto and manual transmissions, with the majority of the used estates having either a semi-auto or an automatic gearbox.

Overall, a used estate is a practical and cost-efficient vehicle which won't disappoint.