Toyota Hybrid Cars

Self Charging Hybrid

How it works?

Toyota's self-charging hybrids combine the electric motor and petrol engine in a seamless fashion providing exemplary fuel efficiency and an unparalleled hybrid driving experience. 

Accelerating from a standstill; the hybrid system uses the battery power and the electric motors to get the vehicle moving.

Once the vehicle reaches around 30mph the petrol engine will join in and help power the car this is the cruising phase

Heavy acceleration; the hybrid system uses a combination of both electric and petrol drivetrain to give the driver all the available power to accelerate the car. 

When decelerating the petrol engine is automatically switched off, and regenerative braking starts; this is where the energy that is usually lost is repurposed to recharge the car's battery.

The Industry Leading Hybrid Manufacturer


Toyota is one of the most renowned names in the business when it comes to hybrid cars. Releasing the very first mass-produced hybrid car in the form of the first generation Toyota Prius their vehicles have come a long way. Toyota now boasts a range of six hybrid cars, with the additions coming thick and fast into 2021 and onwards. 

Toyota currently has no electric vehicles on the market, But they have announced that in early 2021 they will be releasing an all-electric version of the Proace City to the UK market. So, electric vehicles are on Toyota's radar; however they are heavily invested in

Except for the Prius plug-in, all the Toyota hybrids currently on the market are self-charging hybrid cars. After generations of development Toyota's current system is mopping up awards, being the best in class winning hybrid vehicle of the year awards many consecutive years. They don't look like stopping with the all-new Toyota Yaris hybrid looking a strong favourite to win this coming year.

Toyota is not just looking at hybrid and electric drivetrains for the future, they are also keen to develop their hydrogen range having released their first generation Mirai in 2015 and looking to introduce their second generation next year in 2021.

Toyota Hybrid Range

Toyota Hybrid Range


Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Currently Toyota's best selling hybrid car; this small stylish hatchback is a real treat to drive around town and on suburban/ country B roads.


Toyota Corolla Hybrid

The Yaris's older brother the Corolla is a real all-round performer. With the nimbleness for the inner-city and the comfort for a longer trip.


Toyota Prius Hybrid

The Prius is arguably the most iconic hybrid car, offering a combined mpg of 83mpg. The Prius is popular with people that complete high mileage. 


Toyota Camry Hybrid

he Toyota Camry is ideal for people chewing up long motorway miles with ease whilst maintaining a professional image. 


Toyota Corolla Estate Hybrid

The Corolla Touring is the only estate available in the Toyota range, offering owners the benefits of the self-charging hybrid along with room for all the family. 


Toyota CH-R Hybrid

The CH-R is currently the smallest SUV in the Toyota hybrid range, providing drivers with a higher riding sports coupe feel this car turns heads wherever it goes.


Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Currently the largest vehicle in the Toyota's hybrid range is the Rav4; available in four wheel drive the Rav4 is a really capable SUV suitable for the whole family.