Stoneacre Ford Stores

Stoneacre Ford Stores

Ford Motor Company have appointed Stoneacre Ford in Doncaster and York to represent the all new Ford Store in South and North Yorkshire. Ford Stores gives us the opportunity to offer to you all new premier brand products including Vignale, Mustang and RS vehicles.

Why are the Stoneacre Ford Stores any different?

Not only do our Ford Stores offer you exclusive access to new and upcoming models, but they are also specially designed to give you comfort while you explore your perfect Ford in an interactive environment. This includes the Executive Lounge for Vignale customers, as well as the large TV wall and tablets which are set up at the discovery bar at both the Doncaster and York showrooms.

Ford Mustang

Finally available in the UK through your Official Ford Dealership, the new Ford Mustang is the latest incarnation of the iconic muscle car and is as dynamic as ever.

As is tradition, the new Mustang can be specified as either a Fastback coupe or Convertible open-top, while the whole car is laden with state-of-the-art technology to make sure this new generation of muscle car is the best yet. Specific Drive Modes mean that you can fit the road conditions to suit the car's dynamics, while a new sub-frame makes the Mustang's body stiff and agile and makes use of fully independent rear suspension for the first time.

Under the bonnet, Ford offers the true heart of a muscle car in the form of a visceral 415bhp V8 that gets you from 0-62mph in under five seconds. Also available is a sporty yet compact unit that comes from the Focus RS; the 2.3-litre engine offers a true mix of performance and efficiency for those a balance of the two.

Ford Focus RS

As hot hatches go, the Focus RS has always put the cat amongst the pigeons and with the new RS, that's no different. Armed with a ferocious 345bhp 2.3-litre engine, the new Focus RS can no longer be categorised as just a 'hot' hatch - it's now a 'Mega' Hatch.

A completely new and highly sophisticated four-wheel-drive system results in this mountain of power making its way onto the road with ease. Not only that, but the suspension adapts to the way you drive and you have control of how the car drives through various Drive Modes that include Track Mode and the exciting Drift Mode.

Doncaster York Road - Ford Store

Vignale - a new car-buying experience

Starting with the new Mondeo, the Vignale programme has grown into a four-car platform that now includes the Kuga, S-Max and Edge. The Vignale Experience from start-to-finish will be unlike anything you've ever come across in a dealership before.

Both our Ford Stores have Ford Vignale Lounges that allow you to relax in a modern and stress-free environment whilst you contemplate your own Vignale model. A Vignale Relationship Manager will guide you through the whole experience, ensuring you are able to tailor your Vignale exactly how you want it.

You'll also benefit from a full service that is designed around you, incorporating elements such as Vignale One Call 24/7 access to customer support, home delivery of your new Vignale and exclusive access to the Vignale Owners Club.

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