Finance Q&A - Personal Circumstances

Can you modify a car on PCP? 


Answer from the Stoneacre finance team:

Hi John, thanks for your question.

Modifying a car on PCP is not a good idea, because the finance company is an official owner of the car until the finance has been paid in full, including the final balloon payment. 

Typically, you can carry out minor and reversible changes, such as installing a phone holder or hanging an air freshener from the mirror. 

However, major modifications that affect the car’s performance, like installing turbo boosters are a no-go. That’s because the finance company will need to sell a car once the agreement ends, so it needs to be in pristine and original condition. 

If you do want to carry out the modifications, then it’s best to contact the finance company directly to ensure you don’t get fined. 

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