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Why is my Mazda 6's DPF light flashing?

I have had my Mazda 6 for quite a few years now and I've never had a problem with it until recently when the DPF light started flashing. I've not noticed any loss of power or performance, but at the same time I don't want to carry on driving if I'm potentially damaging my car.

I've read that the DPF light in a Mazda 6 can also double as a light to tell you that it's time to have your car serviced and that it's a simple procedure to reset the light.

I'd really appreciate some advice as to what I should do about the DPF light flashing.


Answer from the Stoneacre aftersales team:

Hi Corey,

Thanks for your question.

The job of your DPF (or Diesel Particulate Filter) is to filter out and remove any harmful particles from your exhaust gases. This stops them from escaping into the atmosphere.

Over time these particles will build up inside the filter. When they've built up enough, your Mazda vehicle will start a 'DPF regeneration process'. At this point, you should have seen the DPF light come on but stay on; not flashing.

If extra fuel is added to your car's engine, causing it to burn at a higher temperature inside the exhaust system, this will help to safely burn away harmful particles.

However, this process can only happen at higher speeds, which is usually achieved from motorway driving. If you haven't been travelling on motorways, or at higher speeds for a period of time, your car can struggle to achieve the temperatures needed to burn away particles, causing your DPF to become clogged.

If your Mazda 6 is experiencing PDF problems, and it becomes clogged, an error message will be sent to your ECU, which in turn will cause the DPF light to flash, indicating said problem. You should read DPF Light (What Diesel Drivers Need To Know) to find out more about the flashing DPF light and what causes it.

If your Mazda was unable to clean the DPF itself, that's when the light should have started to flash. At this point, you shouldn't really drive your car, just in case you cause additional damage to the engine.

To fix this problem with your DPF light, you can call our booking team on 01405 744 185 or book online through our Mazda car servicing page.

In terms of the DPF light flashing acting as a reminder to have your Mazda 6 serviced, that would be true in the sense that you may have an issue with your DPF that needs attention, so a service would be the obvious course of action.

Hope this has helped you understand the problem and its causes. We hope to see you soon and have the problem fixed for you.