Aftersales Q&A - Mot

Can a car with no MOT be parked on the road?

My MOT expired last week. Can I leave my car parked on the road with no MOT? I don't intend on using it for a while so I don't want book an MOT test yet.


Answer from the Stoneacre aftersales team:

Hi Tyler, thanks for the question

If your car has no MOT pass certificate, it should not be parked on the public highway and you should look to book it in for its MOT immediately. Whilst it's parked on the public highway without an MOT it could be reported, resulting in you being fined and your car seized.

If you are not planning on driving the car for a period of time, you should make a SORN declaration and keep the car on a driveway or private land, as long as it's not on the public highway.

Remember that, whilst your car has no MOT, it is illegal to drive it on the road unless you're taking it directly to an MOT testing station for its MOT.

When you're ready to use your car again, make sure you book an MOT at your local Stoneacre test centre then ensure that it's fully taxed and insured before you drive it on the road again.