PCP Finance Calculator

About Car Finance PCP Calculator

Our PCP calculator (UK) allows you to easily check the potential financing cost for used cars. You’ll see it with a majority of second-hand vehicle models for sale at Stoneacre, so there are lots of choices if you’re set on getting PCP finance.

Additionally, we offer part exchange so you can contribute towards the deposit and make car buying more affordable. 

Used Car PCP Calculator Explained

Once you pick a car you like, select your credit rating, deposit amount, the term, typically between 20 to 49 months, and mileage.

Based on the information provided, it will show you estimated monthly payments, annual mileage restrictions and guaranteed minimum future value (GMFV) which acts as an optional final payment if you want to own a car at the end of the agreement. 

Please note: the actual costs will vary based on personal circumstances and don't constitute an offer. 

Monthly Payments

Find out approximate monthly payments and enquire on the quote online.


With a larger deposit, monthly payments will be cheaper and with less payable interest too.

Annual Mileage

Based on what you choose, the calculator will display annual mileage and extra charges if you go over it.

Total Amount Payable

This number will show you how much you can expect to pay in total, so it's easy to budget and decide whether the deal is right for you.

Common PCP Calculator Questions

Does your PCP calculator include a balloon payment?

Yes, our calculator includes a GMFV which is also known as a balloon payment and is calculated based on how much the car will be worth at the end of the agreement.

How much deposit do I need on PCP?

When you've agreed on a deal with your finance company, you'll need to pay a deposit upfront, then followed by monthly payments plus interest. With Stoneacre, you can choose how much deposit you want to pay, up to a maximum of £2198.

Learn More About PCP Finance...

If you need a quick refresher on finance - Personal Contract Purchase finance is one of the most popular & cheaper options and is suited to many people due to its flexibility.

Find out all the answers about PCP questions you may have in the video - from the process of applying for the finance to end of agreement options.

Contact our professional in-house finance team if you have any remaining questions or ask a question here.

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