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Do electric cars need servicing?

Yes, all vehicles should be serviced, including electric cars. An electric car service is also known as an EV service. It is a thorough inspection to check that your vehicle is performing at peak efficiency. By having your electric car serviced, you can keep your vehicle running and extend its lifespan. You can also maintain your vehicle and fix any issues at the early stages before they become problematic.

Although your service will be similar to one for conventionally fueled cars, electric cars require specialist knowledge to repair any faults. At Stoneacre, our trained technicians can carry out a service on many cars, including electric vehicles. Your specific service requirements will depend on the make and model of your car, so book in for a service and see a full breakdown of your costs.

Your electric car service will include a selection of general checks, including car repairs for the steering, suspension, brakes, wheels, tyres, bodywork, and general electrical maintenance. Your EV car service will also include more complex checks like electric battery faults, regenerative braking faults, and high-voltage system issues. Stoneacre also checks battery charge as performance can wear out over time.

As we are working with electricity, any repairs require a technician to access a vehicle's computer rather than go beneath the bonnet to assess the situation. We inspect high-voltage systems and cables and will replace parts if needed. We also examine charging cables to assess any damage and effects on performance. To find out more, contact Stoneacre and enquire about an electric car service.