New Renault Master Panel Z.E

Find out more about the new Renault Master Panel Z.E.

If you’re looking to make the most of your business, then the new Renault Master Panel Z.E. van is the ideal choice. With large load space, impressive payload capacity and 100% electric motoring, it is the perfect partner for urban deliveries.

With a lower centre of gravity and heavier kerb weight, the Master Panel Z.E. offers delightful drive handling and a smooth ride, so you can sit back and relax on every journey.

Utilising the very latest battery technology Renault has increased the energy density of the Z.E. 33 battery without increasing volume, making this van an even more efficient option. By combining a 76bhp motor with this new battery, the Master Panel Z.E. is capable of around 75 miles range in real-world conditions.

Like many electric models recently released, the Master Panel Z.E. also makes use of regenerative braking to ensure that minimal energy is lost when slowing down.

You can charge the Master Panel Z.E. van in a way that makes sense for your business be it overnight at home through a 3.7kW wall box charger, or in just six hours using a 7kW charging point.

Just like its conventionally fuelled counterpart, the new Renault Master Panel Z.E. is available in a range of lengths, heights, load capacities and payloads. So no matter what you plan to carry, you’re sure to find a van that works for you. Maximum payload for the Master Panel Z.E. is a respectable 1,100kg while load volumes remain unchanged and range from 8-13m³.

The cabin of the new Renault Master Z.E. is characterised by ample and well-thought-out storage. With massive door pockets, a large glovebox and handy cubbies, there are handy storage solutions for all of your business essentials.

Staying connected is never an issue thanks to updated technology which allows you to enjoy a more car-like experience. A small screen located where you’d normally find the rear-view mirrors offers a wealth of information on your driving and energy consumption, so staying up to date is never a hassle.

On the road, the new Master Panel Z.E. delivers a gentle surge of power and is capable of a top speed of 62mph. Opt to drive in ‘Eco’ mode and performance is limited to a top speed of 50mph to help preserve battery power.

Renault Master Panel Z.E. Deals

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