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Peugeot Plug-in Hybrid Cars

Discover a new way to drive thanks to PEUGEOT plug-in hybrid cars. 

Switch to 100% electric mode in an instant and drive up to 39 miles^ WLTP. Available in a Saloon, estate or SUV, our range of plug-in hybrid cars meet all your needs by combining an innovative design, environmental performance and state-of-the-art technology without making any compromises.


PEUGEOT plug-in hybrid vehicles have been designed for easy and practical recharging. The charging flap is located on the vehicle’s left rear left wing*. Once your car is charged, you can store your charging cable in a place specifically set aside under the floor of the boot.

When charging your plug-in hybrid vehicle, a series of coloured lights will indicate the charging progress. Vehicle charge time will depend on the maximum power available from the electricity source, capped at the power of the On Board Charger** if this is lower.

 To have full all-electric driving capacity, PEUGEOT plug-in hybrid vehicles offer you various charging solutions.

*Symmetrical with the fuel flap

**On board charger power – standard 3.7kW, optional 7.4kW.

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