The New Fiat 500e at Stoneacre

Designed for the next decade

The new forthcoming 500e «la Prima» will be built on a completely new platform for the entire decade to come. It will ensure a competitive range and even more surprising urban cycle autonomy compared to any other 500 ever.

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- Just £199 per month over 36 months

- With £1,000 Fiat Deposit Contribution & £2,500 Government Grant

The new 500e hatchback features a 42kWh battery. The range will cover your daily commute with a range of up to 199* miles, and can be fast charged at high 85kw, allowing 80% battery charge in 35 minutes.

The easyWallbox with a Mode 3 cable will be included to create your own charging station at home.

Plug and Play requires fixing the easyWallbox to the wall and just plugging it in.

Two-in-One easyWallbox can operate in Plug and Play mode by a standard electrical socket and can reach up to 7.4kW with a simple upgrade.

Dynamic Charging: Install the Dynamic Power Management sensor, turn on your house appliances, and the easyWallbox will autonomously manage the charging session using the available power from your home.

The new Fiat 500e «la Prima» will be the first city car with a number of driver assistance systems to give you Level 2 Autonomous Driving. Your commute will be smoother in many ways. The new 500e will read road signs and suggest what speed you should keep to. Then, once you have set the speed and distance from the steering wheel controls, the system will autonomously keep the set distance from the vehicle in front (when over 18 mph) and it will stop when the traffic does.

The new 500e «la Prima» will help you with lane centring and help to prevent unintended crossing of the white lines, keeping you on track with an active action on the steering wheel and protecting yourself and others from potential danger.

The brakes will automatically break to avoid or mitigate collision with preceding vehicle, pedestrian or cyclist, up to 80 mph. The rear view camera will transmit a high-resolution image of whatever is behind you with clarity and sharpness directly on to the new infotainment display. As well as urban blindspot detection.

The new forthcoming 500 «la Prima» Will be longer, wider and more comfortable, whilst still maintaining the iconic 500 shape. With clean pure design, fewer buttons and essential lines inside and out.

The La Prima-spec hatchback comes with a panoramic sunroof and includes full LED headlights and 17in diamond-cut wheels.

The leather free seats are embossed with the Fiat monogram, they are highly adjustable and supportive as well as heated. Your belongings will have more space than ever. The new forthcoming 500 «la Prima» will have redesigned storage compartments, with smartphone holder and retractable cup holder, to keep everything at hand and drive with less stress.

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