Jeep 12 Month Job Loss Protection

Drive your Jeep with confidence

We understand that many things are uncertain at this time, but we don’t want that to stop you getting the car you deserve, so are now offering 12 Month Job Loss Protection across the Jeep range.

How can Job Loss Protection help?

This fantastic offer from Jeep aims to protect you if your circumstances change in the first 12 months of your finance agreement. It means should you lose your job or be off work due to a certified illness, seven months of payments will be waived.

So Job Loss Protection gives you the confidence to buy a Jeep safe in the knowledge that if your circumstances do change unexpectedly, your monthly payments will be covered.

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To qualify, you must be off work for at least 30 days before the benefit can commence. Furthermore, except the initial month of enrolment, the waiver payments will be backdated to when necessary, e.g. the day you were made redundant.

Jeep job loss protection is valid solely for the first year of the finance agreement, or until you close your finance agreement if this takes place within the first year.

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