The new Honda e at Stoneacre

Honda's first all-electric car is here

The electric revolution has arrived at Honda, with the Japanese manufacturer’s first fully-electric car officially here – everyone say hello to the Honda e.

A combination of dynamic performance, refined comfort and cutting-edge technology make for one of the most exciting cars of the decade. A brand new car made from scratch, the Honda e is truly a representation of a marque taking electric cars seriously.

It’s not just here to help save the environment and reduce running costs, either. The Honda e has been built to be enjoyed from behind the wheel, as well.

Fun in the city

With the Honda e, you can drive to your own beat. Two drive modes allow you to take the Honda e for a quiet refined drive, while putting the car into Sport adds a bit of zest to the dynamics of the vehicle, increasing responsiveness and sharpening up the suspension.

Honda has developed a strong chassis for exceptional handling, agility and ride comfort, with a low centre of gravity and a weight distribution of 50-50 to aid this further.

Meanwhile, the powerful electric motor drives the rear wheels with an enjoyable amount of torque to get you moving swiftly.

Powering the future

Sitting low in the Honda e’s chassis is the 35.5kWh lithium ion battery, offering two bands of power – 134bhp for the entry level model and 151bhp for the Advance variant.

On a full charge, you’ll be able to enjoy up to 137 miles of driving (16-in alloy version), with an 80% charge from empty available in just 30 minutes.

To compliment the Honda e, you can choose to implement the Honda Power Charger for your home for fast, reliable charging. Features include an auto-recovery function in the event of a power cut, and you can even make use of an identification system, letting you decide who can use it.

Striking features

Visually, the Honda e is likely to be unlike any other car you’ve seen. The exterior offers an immediately likable combination of retro and the contemporary.

Inside, the Honda e expresses itself further, with a spacious, lounge-like cabin containing an array of screens for the use of not just the driver, but the front passenger, too.

A five-door layout, meanwhile, allows for a very convenient car, with enough space for all, even in the back thanks to the excellent legroom.

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