All-New Toyota Yaris Cross

A familiar face with a more robust nature, the Toyota Yaris Cross combines incredible small car agility with high-riding SUV practicality. It is a true urban adventurer, ready for wherever life in the city takes you.

As a Toyota, the all-new Yaris Cross comes with the most advanced self-charging hybrid engine capable of getting you further using less fuel. So if you are keen to improve your efficiency while reducing your carbon emissions, the Yaris Cross won’t let you down.

Aiming to make life easier with greater practicality and versatility day-to-day, the Toyota Yaris Cross is more than ready to keep up with your lifestyle.

On board, it comes with the latest in-car tech and safety systems. The enhanced multimedia system options deliver exceptional connectivity, so you never miss out. While the advanced safety functions mean you can motor on with complete confidence.

The All New Yaris Cross will be in our showroom later this summer. Register below to find out more information.


Ready for an urban adventure? Meet the All-New Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid – the explorer built for the city!

Echoing similar stylish features to its larger sibling, the RAV4, The Yaris Cross SUV has a much more rugged design - offering all the qualities of Toyota’s new-generation small car into a high-riding SUV.

The large angled wheel arches provide confidence in any journey and a go-anywhere appearance.


Toyota’s new Crossover has a higher ride height than the hatchback, coupled with stylish elements to make it appear light on its feet.

The feature line beneath the bottom of the side glass rises dramatically when it reaches the rear door, providing a sense of acceleration.

Additionally, The Yaris Cross’ sills are coloured differently from the bodywork, alongside the areas between the front and rear wheels, to highlight the distinctive edge that dives forward creating a feeling of agility and purpose.


Designed with sophistication in mind, the front ends contribute to a self-assured aesthetic.

The front grille has a lower and upper portion, and the sides are both angled downwards and out to the sides – visually anchoring the car to the road for a more stable drive.

The All-New Yaris Cross is well suited to urban driving and promises the whole package of style and affordability, perfect for the everyday driver who loves the design of the compact Toyota Yaris but enjoys the SUV high-ride whilst driving.

So what are you waiting for? To find out more about the latest Toyota model on the block, register your interest with your nearest Stoneacre Toyota showroom.

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