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About Renault Kadjar Motability Cars

With the Renault Kadjar through Motability, you can access one of the most popular and capable small SUVs. In what is becoming one of the most crowded car classes, the Kadjar manages to stand out and offer a distinct ride-quality.

The Renault Kadjar features refreshed styling, which helps give it more distinctive appeal especially to those looking for a stylish Motability model. An aggressive front grille, functional roof rails, a muscular silhouette and sculpted lights create a new dynamic, while tinted rear windows enhance give it an executive appeal. So whether you are driving in urban environments or tackling muddy paths, the Kadjar is ready for its next adventure.

Incredibly versatile, the cabin of the Kadjar offers plenty of space for passengers as well as a well-sized luggage compartment. In fact, a 472-litre boot ensures you have room to pack in various mobility aids. While the panoramic glass sunroof available on S Edition Kadjar Motability models enhances the feeling of airiness on-board.

With a high ride height, you get excellent views of the road ahead. Plus a hatchback like ride-quality with good lean control through corners ensures a more enjoyable driving experience.

With Renault Kadjar Motability deals you don’t miss out, as each model comes with a host of equipment. As standard, a seven-inch touchscreen infotainment multimedia system streamlines many of the car’s comfort and entertainment functions. Plus with the option of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone compatibility, you can stay connected throughout your journey.

Renault has put safety at the fore of its latest Kadjar which can be accessed through our incredible Motability offers. The electronic stability control function offers better grip through twisty corners, while Hill Hold Assist provides support when setting off on an incline. In addition, the Kadjar comes with electronic brake distribution and understeer control to give you greater confidence on your journey.

The Kadjar on Motability also features intuitive driver assistance functions, including a traffic sign recognition system and lane departure function. Both act as an extra pair of eyes and offer reassurance on your commute, so no matter what your needs, you gain greater motoring freedom.

Renault Kadjar Motability Offers

Finding the right Renault Kadjar Motability deal for your needs is easy when you come to Stoneacre. We offer both Play and S Edition Renault Kadjar offers, so you can access the specification that works best for your requirement.

What’s more, we have trained Motability staff available at all of our branches who can offer advice and support throughout the process. So you can be confident when you visit our showroom, you get the best possible Renault Kadjar deal for your motoring needs.