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About Fiat 500L Motability Cars

If you love the iconic styling of the Fiat 500 but need a car with more practicality, the Fiat 500L on Motability could be the perfect choice. It is one of the most versatile and quirky cars on the market so has plenty to offer Motability customers no matter what your motoring requirements.

From the front, the Fiat 500L Motability features the retro-modern styling and chic detailing we all love. Plus with a class-leading range of personalisation options available, you can have fun expressing your sense of style.

However, as a grown-up version of the 500, the Fiat 500L through Motability gives more space with the ability to carry five passengers as well as packing in any aids you may need. The large square boot opening gives you easy access to the 500L’s 400-litre boot capacity. Plus thanks to an adjustable boot floor and 60/40 split rear folding passenger seats which fold virtually flat, you can make the most of every bit of space on-board.

Inside, the 500L features stylish interior detailing that has become a hallmark of the 500 range. So you benefit from a more luxurious ambience. Equipment across the Fiat 500L Motability range is generous, allowing you to make the most of your journey. A seven-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is available for more seamless connectivity on the move.

There’s also a range of functions which help boost you and your passenger comfort. For example, the automatic dual-zone climate control allows everyone to get comfortable, while rear parking sensors enhance manoeuvrability.

Inside the upright driving seat with a range of steering wheel adjustment allows everyone to find their ideal position behind the wheel. Meanwhile, the wide-opening doors improve access no matter what your needs and enable a variety of mobility adaptations to be made easily.

When it comes to safety, our Fiat 500L Motability offers allow you to access a whole host of equipment. As well as a range of airbags, you get stability control, tyre pressure monitoring and autonomous emergency braking. All of which helps to boost your confidence on the road. So you can see, with our Fiat 500L Motability deals, you can get a car that meets your requirements while allowing you to experience ultimate comfort and fun behind the wheel.

Fiat 500L Motability Offers

Finding a Fiat 500L offer that suits your motoring needs is never an issue when you head to Stoneacre. With fully trained Motability experts on hand at all of our branches, we can offer the advice you need to get the best Fiat 500L deal. What’s more, we can guide you through any adaptations you might be considering. Get in touch and let us start exploring your Fiat 500L Motability deals that will work for you.