When can I order my new Motability car?

If you are currently driving a Motability car and you are nearing the end of your lease deal, you will be able to order your next car three months before the end of your lease. If you are planning on continuing with the scheme, during this time we advise you to start thinking about your next car so you can reduce any waiting in-between lease deals.

When you near the end of the deal, Motability will send you an information booklet on leasing your next vehicle. This will help you with the renewal process and it will be a chance for you to update any information that may have changed over the last three years since you last applied.

In the last three months of your lease, we welcome you to contact us regarding your Motability renewal and we can help you with replacing your vehicle with a new model. You can arrange a test drive with us and choose Motability cars from over 19 different manufacturers to find the right car for you.

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