What Motability adaptations are available?

There are many different Motability adaptations that can be made to a car to improve the utility of the vehicle for disabled drivers and passengers. Motability adaptations have three categorisations: access, stowage and seating, and driving controls.

When you apply for Motability you will have the help of a Motability specialist who will be able to advise you on what adaptations are available to help with your mobility requirements. The Motability scheme offers over 500 adaptations for seating, stowage, access and driving controls, and many of these can be fitted to your vehicle at no extra cost. Once you come to change your car, you will be able to switch some of the adaptations over to your new vehicle, but others will need to be fitted again before delivery.

Motability Adaptations

Driving Controls - Driving adaptations are designed to help with the control of the vehicle. A Motability car can have adapted acceleration, steering, signalling and braking controls to help drivers you have limited or no use of their legs and feet. In most cases the adaptations will not replace the standard controls of the vehicle so it can still be used by a driver who doesn’t require the adaptations, but it is more than likely that the car will have to be an automatic.

-       Hand controls for braking and acceleration

-       Pedal modifications

-       Steering aids

-       Remote controls for indicators, wipers, headlights etc.

Seating & Stowage - Adapted stowage on a car will cater for wheelchair and mobility scooter users and will provide ample space to store their equipment in the car. They can also provide mechanical hoisting to load and unload equipment into the boot space or a roof box.

-       Car boot hoist

-       Rooftop stowage

Adaptations for Access - Adaptations for access help with drivers and passengers entering and exiting the vehicle. This can include electronic hoists and rotating seats to help offer a smooth transition in and out of the car.

-       Transfer plates

-       Electrical person hoist

-       Swivel seating

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