How do I pay for my Motability car?

The cost of leasing your Motability car is deducted from your weekly mobility allowances. To be eligible for Motability, you must receive one of four higher rate mobility allowances from the British Government. When you lease a car on Motability, you effectively exchange these allowances with Motability for the use of the car. Payment will be made directly between the Department for Work and Pensions and Motability to pay for your car, which will then be deducted from your allowances. 

What will affect how much I pay for Motability?

The overall cost of the scheme will depend on the car you choose to lease. If the cost of the car is more than your allowances, you will have to make up the difference with an advanced payment that you pay at the start of the deal. Alternatively, if you lease a car which costs less money than the allowances you receive, you can use the remainder as you please.

More than 500 different adaptations are available on the Motability scheme at no extra cost. When you apply for the scheme at a Motability dealer, you will be advised on what adaptations you may need to help with your decision for choosing a vehicle.  

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