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Ford Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

Ford is making no secret of its endeavour to revolutionise its range of cars with hybrid and electric technology – so much so, there is $11 billion being invested into ensure its cars are sustainable for the future of motoring.

A total of 15 electrified vehicles are planned up to 2022, with eight having being launched in 2019 alone. A mixture of various hybrid types and all-electric vehicles are on their way, with the technology gracing some of Ford’s existing cars, as well as some new ones that are yet to hit the road.

These will consist of fun-to-drive city cars, practical SUVs and even commercial vehicles so there’s something for all needs. In addition, Ford will offer a number of ways to keep your Plug-In Hybrid or All-Electric car charged through a variety of options, making the process as painless as possible.

Ford Mild Hybrid Cars

Arguably seen as the entry point to the electric revolution, a mild hybrid (MHEV) is a situation where the engine is aided by a small electric motor. Working in tandem, the combustion engine is able to switch off at low speed or stationary, then the 48V starter-generator can seamlessly restart the engine when required.

Meanwhile, the 48V Li-ion battery is automatically recharged by regenerative braking, accomplished through coasting and braking, thus removing the need to manually recharge the battery.

A great selection of Ford models will be available as mild hybrids, including new SUVs and even commercial vehicles: All-New Kuga, New Puma, Transit Custom, Tourneo Custom, New Transit

New Puma

The newest compact SUV from Ford

All-New Kuga

The Kuga breaks new ground

Tourneo Custom

Travel together effortlessly and efficiently

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Transit Custom

Electrification is go for the Transit Custom

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New Transit

Making the backbone of Britain greener

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Ford Hybrid Cars

Taking a step up from Mild Hybrids, fully-fledged Hybrids (HEVs) are becoming increasingly common on the road and are proving just how impactful they can be, especially in urban areas.

Again, there is a combustion engine doing most of the work; however, the hybrid unit is doing much more to contribute compared to an MHEV. There is much more assistance to the engine, largely due to the battery being that much bigger, along with the motor it drives.

Range is noticeably increased as a result of this, with the hybrid unit alone being able drive parts of short journeys at low speeds.

Ford Hybrids to be made available: New Mondeo, All-New Kuga

New Mondeo

The trusty saloon gets electrified

All-new Kuga

The Kuga breaks new ground

Ford Plug-In Hybrid Cars

Plug-In Hybrids (PHEVs) take the technology to a new level in electrified vehicles, offering much more flexibility in what can be achieved on the road. While a standard hybrid car boosts a car’s economy and efficiency, a plug-in hybrid enhances these elements even further.

PHEVs allow for the car to be driven on battery power alone for around 30 miles of range (50km), while the options for either hybrid mode or combustion engine only are also available depending on the journey type.

Charging your PHEV Ford can be done primarily through plugging the car into the mains, while advanced self-charging technology can also be available.

Ford Plug-In Hybrids include: All-New Kuga, Transit Custom, Tourneo Custom

All-New Kuga

First Ford PHEV is the all-new Kuga

Transit Custom

Make your fleet more dynamic

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Tourneo Custom

Transport your crew on electric

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Ford All-Electric Cars

Ford’s next endeavour creating a sustainable line of vehicles is offering a line of All-Electric models (EVs) – this will start in earnest with the striking Mustang Mach-E.

Despite not having a combustion engine, Ford’s aim is to ensure its electric vehicles will remain great to drive and engaging for the driver at the wheel.

Meanwhile, making ownership as frictionless as possible, charging your electric Ford is made to be easy, with charging at home through the Ford Wallbox being the primary power source, with public charge points a solid secondary option.

The Mustang Mach-E is set to be sold exclusively online, with deliveries expected to start in October 2020.