Citroën Hybrid & Electric Cars

The Citroën Electric Range

We're all becoming more conscious of taking care of the planet and our environment, and Citroën's electric and hybrid range is here to help us make our driving cleaner and more sustainable. But Citroën electric vehicles are so much more. They are quieter, more responsive, less stressful and more economical.

At Stoneacre we're proud to be able to introduce the new Citroën range of hybrid and electric vehicles. The range gives you so much more than cleaner and more sustainable driving, it completely changes the experience of driving a Citroën with next-generation electric designs.

Experience direct acceleration, exceptional comfort and a blissfully quiet interiors with the latest hybrid and electric cars from Citroën. From plug-in hybrids to fully electric vehicles, the Citroën has it all and is ready and waiting to welcome you to the future of driving.

New Citroën Electric & Hybrid Cars

Citroën at Stoneacre