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We have three different car service packages available to choose from, each offering a different number of checks on your vehicle.

Our Interim Oil Change service includes 50 individual checks and is ideal for drivers who cover a lot of miles. Comparable to an interim service found elsewhere, it is priced at £99.

Our Gold Service, which is comparable to a full service, is our next package up and includes a total of 67 thorough checks of your vehicle. Prices start at only £159.

Our most comprehensive service package is our Platinum Service. Similar to a manufacturer’s major service, it includes 74 individual checks of your vehicle. Prices start at only £229.

To see exactly what is included in each service, please see below.

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Interim Oil Service - £99


Clutch for slip/judder - gear selection

Brakes for pull/noise/judder/servo operation

Engine for abnormal noises

Check for wheel balance

Check instrument panel for warning lights - Report

Check exterior lights operation

Check horn operation

Check front & rear wipers for operation/efficiency

Check operation & aim of front washer jets - adjust if required (rear washer jets if fitted)

Check battery condition - carry out voltage test - Report

Check alternator for correct charging rate - Report

Check seat belt operation

Check operation of mirrors

Check operation of brake servo

Check ABS warning light for operation (if applicable)

Check condition of windscreen - Report

Replace oil filter/sump washer & replace the oil (additional charge for special oils)

Check for oil leaks - Report

Check brake fluid level & boiling point - Report

Check/top up clutch fluid level if required

Check coolant level & strength - Report minimum temperature

Check tyre condition & tread depth including spare - Report

Check & adjust tyre pressures including spare

Visual check of wheel alignment - Report

Check & report on condition of road wheels

If no spare is fitted - check the inflator is still usable/check expiry date of fluid - Report

Check exhaust system including catalyst for leaks - security - corrosion

Check fuel tank for leaks - security - corrosion

Check visual condition of fuel line

Visual check of clutch slave cylinder for leaks

Check gearbox/axle casing joints for excessive leaks

Check driveshaft gaiters for security & leaks

Check steering rack & joints for wear

Check rubber gaiters for splits & leaks

Check ball joints for wear and gaiters for rips & leaks

Check wheel bearings for wear or excessive noise

Check condition of shock absorbers & for excessive leaks

Check road springs for wear/breaks/corrosion

Remove road wheels

Check brakes hoses & pipes for leaks/wear/corrosion

Check brake pads for wear/damage - Report

Check brake discs for wear, corrosion, scoring & minimum thickness - Report

Check brake calipers are functional with no visible leaks

Replace wheels - set wheel nut torque to manufacturer specification

Check number plate condition and security

Check for timing belt replacement schedule - Report

Reset service light when required

Stamp service book

Carry out final road test

Service wash & vacuum

Gold Service - from £159

Includes everything checked & replaced in the Interim Oil Service plus the following:

Check & report on pollen filter condition (replacement at additional cost)

Check heating & air con system is working to correct temperature - Report air con temp.

Lubricate accessible door hinges and locks

Visual check of ignition system

Check clutch cable for free play where fitted - adjust if required

Check radiator condition/leaks

Check coolant hoses/expansion tank for leaks and condition including clips

Check and top up power steering reservoir where applicable

Check condition and tension of drive belts

Check electrical cooling fan operation - where applicable

Replace air filter

Lubricate bonnet lock mechanism

Check condition of propshaft/driveshaft/joints - grease where applicable

Remove brake drums & check brake shoes for wear/damage - Report

Check brake drums for damage, scoring & max diameter - Report

Check wheel cylinders for operation and leaks

Check handbrake linkages & travel, adjust if necessary

Platinum Service - from £229

Includes everything checked & replaced in the Interim Oil & Gold Services plus the following:

Replace spark plugs (additional charge for long-life spark plugs or multi spark plug engines)

Visual check of DPF system and report (diesel models where applicable)

Check and report DPF fluid level where applicable. Replenish at extra charge if required

Replace fuel filter - diesel models only

Check and top up gearbox oil where applicable (gearbox oil change at additional cost)

Check and top up transfer box & differential oil

Grease steering & suspension joints where applicable

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