Volvo Service Plans

Benefits of a Volvo service plan

Service plans are the most affordable way to manage the cost of servicing your Volvo. They are designed to spread the cost of servicing across interest-free monthly payments and to help you meet the service requirements of your car. It’s an easy and smart way to service your car.

Service plans are available for all Volvo models, whether you have just purchased your car or have owned it for some time. All plans provide fixed-price servicing too, so the cost of servicing, parts, labour and oil are all fixed from the moment your plan starts and protected against inflation and price increases throughout.

You will benefit from Volvo-trained technicians servicing your vehicle at an approved Volvo service centre. All servicing will be completed inline with vehicle's service schedule and will help you maintain a Volvo dealer service history to maximise the resale value of your car. You'll also receive complimentary 12 months Volvo Assistance and free software upgrades.

How your Volvo service plan works

Your Volvo service plan will be tailored to the service requirements of your vehicle so servicing can be scheduled inline with the manufacturer service schedule. This allows your plan to meet the minimum service requirements of your vehicle based on its model, age and mileage.

Plans can also be designed to suit you and your budget, and you'll have a couple of options on how you would like to pay for your plan. You can either choose to pay off the value of the plan in full upfront or opt for a monthly instalment plan where the cost is spread across fixed, affordable and interest free monthly payments.

When your car is due a service, your local Stoneacre Volvo dealer will contact you to arrange a date and time to book your vehicle in at the service centre. Servicing will then be completed in accordance with the service schedule of your car. You can cancel your plan at any time for a refund and if you choose to sell your vehicle before your plan ends you can transfer your plan to the new owner.

Included in your Volvo service plan

  • Complete satisfaction with the Volvo Service Promise
  • Inflation proof prices
  • Available for new or used cars.
  • Convenient interest free monthly payments
  • Cover designed around your needs
  • Fully trained technicians
  • Free Volvo Assistance and software upgrades.
  • While you wait service available
  • FREE collection and delivery service available

Volvo Service Plans - Limited time offers

3 Services for £599*

3 year offer: The retail service is for 3 years or 54K miles, whichever occurs first and includes 3 services at a cost to the customer of £599 incl. VAT.

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5 Services for £999*

5 year offer: The retail service is for 5 years or 90K miles, whichever occurs first and includes 5 services at a cost to the customer of £999 incl. VAT.

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Reduced service cost

Our service plan offers you peace of mind for maintaining your car in the most cost-effective way. With no price increases over the length of your plan, you can secure tomorrow's servicing at today's prices.

Transferrable Plans

Our service plan is registered to the car not the customer. If you do change your car before the end of your Volvo service plan, you can sell on the plan with the vehicle. This ensure no loss of investment for you and is an added benefit for the new owner.

Volvo Service Promise

With regular software upgrades, genuine Volvo parts and servicing carried out by Volvo technicians, you can relax knowing your car is in the hands of experts

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  • How much does a Volvo service plan cost?

    The cost of your Volvo service plan will depend on the duration of your plan. All services included in your plan will be sold at the latest Volvo service prices and all prices will be fixed from the minute your plan starts. If you choose to pay with monthly instalments, all payments will be fixed and interested-free with no hidden fees.

    For a instant quote tailored to your own vehicle, enter your details into the Volvo service plan calculator on this page. Your Volvo service plan price will include the cost of genuine Volvo parts (exclusions apply) such as engine oil and filters, as well as all labour.

  • What's included in my Volvo service plan?

    Your Volvo service plan will include a schedule of services that are arranged based on the model, age and mileage of your car. Volvo vehicles have different service requirements and you Volvo service plan will be tailored to meet the service needs of your car.

    Volvo recommend you service your car every 12 months or every 10,000 miles for high-mileage cars. Your service plan will schedule servicing at these intervals for the duration of your plan and will include both full and major servicing for your car.

  • How long will my Volvo service plan last?

    The duration of your Volvo service plan can be set by you at the time of purchase. You can choose how many years you would like your plan to last with each year extending the schedule of servicing that's covered in the plan. Service plans typically last 3 years, but can be extended to cover a longer period or reduced to cover a short term period.

Volvo Aftersales

*Important information about Volvo service plan limited time offers:

The service offer is only applicable to eligible Volvo XC90, XC60, S90, V90, S60, V60, XC40 (excluding V60 Plug-in Hybrid and V60 Polestar) vehicles ordered in the customer’s name up to 31st September 2021.

The services must be carried out in the United Kingdom at a Volvo Authorised Repairer.

5 year offer: The retail service is for 5 years or 90K miles, whichever occurs first and includes 5 services at a cost to the customer of £999 incl. VAT.

3 year offer: The retail service is for 3 years or 54K miles, whichever occurs first and includes 3 services at a cost to the customer of £599 incl. VAT.

The retail offer is only available for purchase until 30th September 2021 and as long as the vehicle meets the appropriate conditions. Services must be carried out in line with manufacturers service schedules which may be updated from time to time according to manufacturer’s instructions. Services should be undertaken in line with the time and mileage intervals specified in the Volvo Service Handbook supplied with the car.

The service offer includes parts and labour for all scheduled services. Owners are responsible for topping up the various fluids and coolant in between services. Wear and tear items such as brake pads, discs, bulbs, wiper blades, tyres and brake fluid are not included.

The service offer is not available on vehicles that have undergone any form of aftermarket unapproved tuning or performance enhancement and excludes all non-scheduled service work and accident damage. The service offer is transferable to subsequent owners of the car but not transferable to another car. No refund is available if the services are not used. Volvo reserves the right to amend or withdraw this offer at any time.