Vauxhall Service Plans

Vauxhall Care

The complete service package for Vauxhall cars.

Vauxhall care is a comprehensive ownership package for your Vauxhall care that includes up to 3 years worth of servicing, 2 years Vauxhall Roadside Assistance and complimentary MOT testing. It's available for all Vauxhall models, with packages available for models less than 11 months old and models that are older than 11 months.

With Vauxhall care you choose to pay off the value of your plan with a single upfront payment or spread the cost over 36 months with fixed instalments. The price of servicing is fixed from the moment your plan starts and you'll guarantee servicing at an approved Vauxhall service centre where your car is serviced by professional technicians using approved equipment and Vauxhall parts.

Cars under 11 months old: £19 - £22 per month

Cars over 11 months old: £24 - £26 per month

Vauxhall Service Plans

Contract-free Vauxhall service plans from £15 a week.

You can build your own Vauxhall service plan based on the age and mileage of your car. Every service plan is contract-free so you have the freedom to change or leave the plan at any moment, giving you added flexibility and control over how you want to service your car.

A Vauxhall service plan includes approved servicing at a Vauxhall service centre by professional technicians using genuine Vauxhall parts. Approved servicing will help maintain the mechanical condition of your Vauxhall, which can lead to improved fuel economy, lower emissions and a maximised resale value. With your service plan you'll also get access to a range of exclusive offers, including fantastic discounts on your MOT.

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About Vauxhall Service Plans

Vauxhall service plans are the best way to manage the cost of servicing your car and budget for approved Vauxhall services. There is a range of service plans available for your Vauxhall car, offering complete peace of mind with a convenient and affordable plan that guarantees servicing by a professional Vauxhall technician.

Vauxhall Care is a comprehensive package that can guarantee approved servicing at a fixed rate, with added benefits like roadside assistance and complimentary MOT testing. With a Vauxhall plan you can simply spread the cost with monthly instalments, which are fixed-rate and protected from price increases.

Vauxhall service plans are flexible around you and your car, and includes servicing for three years at an approved Vauxhall service centre. Approved servicing means that your car is serviced by a fully qualified Vauxhall technician who uses approved Vauxhall parts in line with service schedule and warranty of your car.

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