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Car Service Treatments

Each Stoneacre car service treatment is designed to help your car’s engine perform at its best, preventing unnecessary and expensive problems occurring in the future.

When you book a car service with us, you'll be able to select from a comprehensive list of options that will help keep your car running smooth. Take a closer look at our range of three essential car service treatments.

Air Con Service & Bacterial Cleanse

Your car’s ventilation system is one of the vehicle's key components, helping to maintain interior temperature and air quality.

If not thoroughly maintained, moisture can accumulate and hamper the system’s airflow and efficiency. Harmful bacteria can then build up and begin to aggravate allergies and asthma. You’ll also notice an unpleasant smell.

To avoid this, we recommend your car receives an annual air con antibacterial clean. For your convenience, you can book this and an air conditioning service together at your nearest service centre.

This will restore your vehicle’s entire ventilation system, killing off any potentially harmful bacteria and erasing bad odours.

A thorough antibacterial clean is provided by our highly-trained and dedicated professionals, and can be carried out on any make of car - with or without air-conditioning.

Find out more in the video below

Brake Fluid Change

The second of our car service treatments is the brake fluid change. Few drivers would argue that the braking system is their car’s most important safety feature. Without fully working brakes, your car is a danger to you, other road users and pedestrians.

Brake fluid is an essential part of your braking system but if not properly maintained it can deteriorate and absorb water, lowering its natural boiling point.

When this happens, the water in your fluid heats up under braking and begins to boil. This creates air bubbles which can ultimately lead to brake system failure.

Our brake fluid car service treatment helps prevent this. Stoneacre’s highly-skilled technicians will check and drain your entire system before fully replacing all the essential fluid.

To keep your car as safe as possible, major manufacturers recommend this is done at regular intervals. This means annually for cars aged two years or older.

Engine Flush & Fuel Treatment

To help maximize your car’s fuel economy and keep emissions in check, we recommend an annual engine flush and fuel treatment. This essential car service treatment thoroughly cleans the engine oil-ways and fuel system.

First, the engine flush removes contaminants and grime that have built up within the oil ways and sump. Then fresh oil is inserted.

Next, our fuel treatment is added to clean and cleanse the entire fuel system. This eliminates harmful contaminants and any deposits that have built up, helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

This car service treatment also incorporates an octane booster to help improve the overall performance of your engine, including fuel efficiency.

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