Kia Service Plans

Quality servicing made affordable

Servicing is important to maintain the safety, performance and mechanical working condition of your car. At Stoneacre we under the importance of regular servicing, but we also understand that servicing bills can often be expensive and at times difficult to manage.

This is why we offer tailored Kia service plans for owners looking for a easier and more affordable way to manage the servicing costs of their car. With a Kia service plan you'll purchase a schedule of services for your car and have the option to spread the cost of your plan across fixed-rate interest-free monthly instalments.

Benefits of a Kia Service Plan

A Kia service plan is not only a more affordable option to manage the cost of your annual servicing, but it's also the easiest way to ensure that your car receives expert servicing at an approved garage. When you purchase a Kia service plan at Stoneacre, all servicing included in the plan will be completed at a Kia service centre by expert Kia technicians.

This guarantees the best possible vehicle care and outstanding levels of customer service. All work carried out will be completed to the highest standards under Kia quality controls. We can ensure the best pairs of hands servicing your vehicle, using genuine Kia parts and equipment to help maintain the safety, performance and working condition of your car.

Create a Kia service plan

Build your own Kia service plan that's tailored to your vehicle. Simply enter your vehicle registration and mileage to get started.

  • How much does a Kia service plan cost?

    The cost of your Kia service plan will depend on how long it lasts. You can choose how long you would like your plan to last at the time of booking and plans typically last around 3 years. All prices are fixed from the time of booking and you choose to pay in full at the start of your plan or spread the cost across interest-free monthly instalments. To the the latest prices for a Kia service plan, enter your vehicle details in the service plan calculator above.

  • What's included in a Kia service plan?

    A Kia service plan will include a schedule of car services for the duration of the plan. It will follow the recommended service intervals of your car and include a series of services to meet the service requirements of the vehicle. Servicing will include routing vehicle checks and part replacements for engine oil, engine filters and cabin filters at the recommended service intervals.

  • How long can my Kia service plan last?

    When creating your plan you can set how many years your Kia service plan will last. Servicing will be scheduled every 12 months and arranged inline with the service schedule of your car. Typically, a service plan will include every year for the duration of the plan, but may be more frequently if you drive a high-mileage vehicle that covers in excess of 10,000 miles a year.

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