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fixed price servicing

Regular servicing can keep your car in the best possible condition, helping it deliver maximum levels of performance. Yet the cost of a service can vary and be influenced by many different factors, including how many miles you drive, even the type of driving you do.

To help you manage these costs, Stoneacre has a range of fixed price service packages suitable for all makes and models - starting from as little as £99.

Why choose a Stoneacre fixed price service?

With Stoneacre fixed price servicing, you can count on more than just the price. Our highly-skilled technicians are fully trained in the latest techniques and experts in a wide variety of makes and models.

Every Stoneacre service workshop is fully equipped with the most up-to-date technology and advanced diagnostic equipment. Plus, we only ever use genuine or manufacturer approved parts to ensure your car leaves our workshop fully fit for the road.

Unbeatable value for money

Our fixed price service packages are designed to deliver exceptional Stoneacre value. In addition to providing the best servicing deal for you and your car, we’re confident we carry out more checks on your car than any other provider. Check and compare our fixed price servicing packages here.

What are the fixed price service options?

Different drivers have different requirements and our fixed price service options reflect this. Prices start from as little as £99 and you can choose from three packages with up to 74 separate and detailed checks, including a service wash and vacuum. You’ll even enjoy the added convenience of a courtesy car whilst your own car is with us.

*Does not include commercial vehicles.

Interim Oil Change Service - only £99

Our Interim service is carried out between annual services. Ideal if you cover a lot of miles, our 50-point inspection checks your car for wear and tear, often preventing further faults from developing.

  • Best for drivers covering a large number of miles.
  • Includes 50 detailed checks (plus a service wash & vac).
  • Helps ensure major parts are kept in prime condition.
  • Recommend every 6 months, or 6,000 miles, whichever is sooner.
  • Courtesy car available, subject to availability.
  • Does not replace an annual service.

  • Gold Service - prices start at only £159

    This is Stoneacre’s full service; a thorough technician’s inspection, carried out annually to keep your car in the best possible condition and help you enjoy glitch-free driving.

  • Designed to be carried out every 12 months, or 12,000 miles.
  • Includes 67 thorough checks (plus a service wash & vac).
  • Inspects engine, electrics, steering, brakes, and more
  • Price fixed at £159 for vehicles under 2000cc; only £199 for vehicles over 2000cc.
  • Also just £199 for Volvo and Jeep vehicles.
  • Courtesy car available, subject to availability.

  • Platinum Service - prices start at only £229

    Our major service includes everything checked and replaced during the annual Gold Service, plus those parts which need replacing every two years, including diesel filter and spark plugs.

  • Designed to be carried out every 24 months, or 24,000 miles.
  • Includes 74 comprehensive checks (plus a service wash & vac).
  • Inspects engine, electrics, steering, brakes, fuel, drivetrain, plus more
  • Price fixed at £229 for vehicles under 2000cc; only £299 for vehicles over 2000cc.
  • Also just £299 for Jeep and Volvo vehicles.
  • Courtesy car available, subject to availability.

  • Why pay more? Book your fixed price service online today, in two simple steps.

    Combine your service & MOT - 25% MOT saving

    For even more great Stoneacre value, combine your MOT with fixed price servicing for a 25% MOT fee saving.

    Our £39.95 MOT fee is discounted to just £30 when you book your MOT at the same time as any Stoneacre Fixed Price Service. See our combined packages below.

    Interim Service & MOT – combined booking for only £129.

    Gold Service & MOT. From £189 (includes 25% MOT fee discount) – combined price just £189 for vehicles under 2000cc. Only £229 for Jeep, Volvo and vehicles over 2000cc.

    Platinum Service & MOT. From £259 (includes 25% MOT fee discount) – combined price just £259 for vehicles under 2000cc. Only £329 for Jeep, Volvo and vehicles over 2000cc.

    Compare Our Fixed Price Service Packages

    See what's checked in each service

    Interim Oil Service - £99


    Clutch for slip/judder - gear selection

    Brakes for pull/noise/judder/servo operation

    Engine for abnormal noises

    Check for wheel balance

    Check instrument panel for warning lights - Report

    Check exterior lights operation

    Check horn operation

    Check front & rear wipers for operation/efficiency

    Check operation & aim of front washer jets - adjust if required (rear washer jets if fitted)

    Check battery condition - carry out voltage test - Report

    Check alternator for correct charging rate - Report

    Check seat belt operation

    Check operation of mirrors

    Check operation of brake servo

    Check ABS warning light for operation (if applicable)

    Check condition of windscreen - Report

    Replace oil filter/sump washer & replace the oil (additional charge for special oils)

    Check for oil leaks - Report

    Check brake fluid level & boiling point - Report

    Check/top up clutch fluid level if required

    Check coolant level & strength - Report minimum temperature

    Check tyre condition & tread depth including spare - Report

    Check & adjust tyre pressures including spare

    Visual check of wheel alignment - Report

    Check & report on condition of road wheels

    If no spare is fitted - check the inflator is still usable/check expiry date of fluid - Report

    Check exhaust system including catalyst for leaks - security - corrosion

    Check fuel tank for leaks - security - corrosion

    Check visual condition of fuel line

    Visual check of clutch slave cylinder for leaks

    Check gearbox/axle casing joints for excessive leaks

    Check driveshaft gaiters for security & leaks

    Check steering rack & joints for wear

    Check rubber gaiters for splits & leaks

    Check ball joints for wear and gaiters for rips & leaks

    Check wheel bearings for wear or excessive noise

    Check condition of shock absorbers & for excessive leaks

    Check road springs for wear/breaks/corrosion

    Remove road wheels

    Check brakes hoses & pipes for leaks/wear/corrosion

    Check brake pads for wear/damage - Report

    Check brake discs for wear, corrosion, scoring & minimum thickness - Report

    Check brake calipers are functional with no visible leaks

    Replace wheels - set wheel nut torque to manufacturer specification

    Check number plate condition and security

    Check for timing belt replacement schedule - Report

    Reset service light when required

    Stamp service book

    Carry out final road test

    Service wash & vacuum

    Gold Service - from £159

    Includes everything checked & replaced in the Interim Oil Service plus the following:

    Check & report on pollen filter condition (Replacement at additional cost)

    Check heating & air con system is working to correct temperature - Report air con temp.

    Lubricate accessible door hinges and locks

    Visual check of ignition system

    Check clutch cable for free play where fitted - adjust if required

    Check radiator condition/leaks

    Check coolant hoses/expansion tank for leaks and condition including clips

    Check and top up power steering reservoir where applicable

    Check condition and tension of drive belts

    Check electrical cooling fan operation - where applicable

    Replace air filter

    Lubricate bonnet lock mechanism

    Check condition of propshaft/driveshaft/joints - grease where applicable

    Remove brake drums & check brake shoes for wear/damage - Report

    Check brake drums for damage, scoring & max diameter - Report

    Check wheel cylinders for operation and leaks

    Check handbrake linkages & travel, adjust if necessary

    Platinum Service - from £229

    Includes everything in the Interim Oil & Gold Services plus the following:

    Replace spark plugs (additional charge for long-life or multi spark plug engines)

    Visual check of DPF system and report (diesel models where applicable)

    Check and report DPF fluid level where applicable. Replenish at extra charge if required

    Replace fuel filter - diesel models only

    Check and top up gearbox oil where applicable (gearbox oil change at additional cost)

    Check and top up transfer box & differential oil

    Grease steering & suspension joints where applicable

    Please note we record all our calls to ensure that we give you the service you deserve.