Fiat Service Plans

Affordable, Quality-assured Servicing

Regular servicing is important to maintain the mechanical condition of your car, which helps keep it safe to drive and performing as you need it to. It's also a requirement for new cars and missing a service may invalidate your manufacturer warranty.

The cost of servicing, though, can be hard to manage. Those large, unexpected bills are at times hard to finance. This is why we offer tailored Fiat service plans, to help you take the best car of your vehicle with quality-assured servicing at an affordable and easy to manage price.

Benefits of a Fiat Service Plan

A Fiat service plan is the easiest way to manage the cost of servicing your car. You can create a plan tailored to your vehicle and purchase a schedule of made to measure servicing, with the option to pay in full or spread the cost across monthly instalments for the length of the plan.

All servicing that's included in your Fiat service plan will be carried out at a Fiat service centre and scheduled to meet the requirements of your vehicle. Expert Fiat technicians will service your car to the highest standards and will also use genuine Fiat parts and approved equipment to meet the highest standards.

Create a Fiat Service Plan

Create a tailored Fiat service plan that meets the service requirements of your car at a price that is affordable!

  • How much does a Fiat service plan cost?

    The cost of your Fiat service plan will depend on a couple factors: what car you drive and the length of the plan. Fiat service plans typically last around 3 years but they can be shorter and longer depending your requirements. All plans available at Stoneacre are at the latest Fiat service plan prices and you can find a quote for your car using your vehicle details in the service plan calculator above.

  • What does a Fiat service plan include?

    A Fiat service plan includes a schedule of servicing designed for your car based on its model, age and mileage. Servicing will follow the recommended service scheduled of your car and will be carried out at specific service intervals set by Fiat. This makes sure your car receives servicing at the necessary time to avoid any long-term damage or compounding issues.

  • How long will my Fiat service plan last?

    You can decide how long your service plan will last when you create it. Most service plans typically last around 3 years but can be tailored to suit the individual needs of you or your vehicle.

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