Welcoming Toyota to the Stoneacre Family

07 Aug 2020 by Lisa Simm

We are delighted to welcome Toyota to the Stoneacre family. Recently acquiring the Hodgson dealer network in the North East means we can add the make to our impressive line-up of leading car manufacturers.

Toyota in the beginning

Toyota has built a reputation for innovation since it first founded. In fact, the company’s very beginnings were the result of manufacturing innovation. Sakichi Toyoda revolutionised weaving by developing the automatic loom. He sold the patent, using the proceeds to help his son set up a firm developing cars. With the release of their first model, the prototype Toyoda AA, in 1936.

The following year, the Toyota Motor Corporation was formed. The change in name from Toyoda came as a result of a competition. Toyota was picked as the winning name as in Japanese script it comprises of eight strokes and in Japan, eight is a lucky number.

In the 1950s, Toyota established a new system of manufacturing the new efficient Toyota Production System. It went on to become widely used and adapted by rival firms in the motor industry due to its success.

1965, saw the first Toyota model arrive in the UK market, with the launch of the Corona saloon at Earls Court Motor Show. Since then the Corolla has become one of the world’s most successful model range and is still available to buy today.

Pushing innovation

Toyota continues to push the boundaries of innovation, being pro-active in embracing hybrid and electric power. Their innovative hybrid technology is available on numerous models. The Prius was the first mass-produced petrol-hybrid vehicle and continues to sell well today. Being at the fore has helped Toyota establish its position as a market leader in hybrid electric cars.

Other notable models include the legendary Land Cruiser, known for its impressive off-road capabilities. Meanwhile, the Hilux remains one of the best-selling pick-ups on the market.

Plus as it is keen to offer something for everyone, the marque also offers sportier models, including the Supra and the GT86. and smart city cars including chic Aygo or the smart all-new Yaris.

Toyota Prius model history

Motoring Success

Today Toyota is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in Japan and continues to gain popularity in the UK. In the recent UK Customer Satisfaction Index July 2020 edition, it was the highest-ranked automotive company. Scoring the highest possible marks in four out of five index sections including Experience, Customer Ethos, Emotional Connection and Ethics, it proves its position at the fore of automotive motoring.

With a five-year/100,000 mile new vehicle warranty, transparent service pricing and investment in web and dealership network, Toyota continually strives to be the best. What’s more, their core focus remains to deliver complete customer satisfaction while keeping pace with the changing world. So you can be confident that when you buy a Toyota you get the very best in manufacturing innovation.

Toyota car range

Visit your local Toyota branch

Don’t just take our word for it though. Why not pop into your local Stoneacre Toyota branch and see for yourself?

At our showrooms in Gateshead and Newcastle Silverlink, you can be sure of a warm welcome. Plus you can be confident us in-store thanks to the COVID measures we’ve put in place to help keep everyone safe.

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