Volvo’s car safety legacy – Infographic

18 Apr 2019 by Sam Bisby

Car safety has been an ever-evolving focus of the automotive industry. While that focus might have altered somewhat in current times, it’s important to see where we came from.

And where better to look than Volvo’s illustrious history of car safety development.

The Swedish firm has been a pioneer and one of the loudest voices in the domain of car safety for decades. Volvo’s Vision 2020 endeavour, for example, has seen the manufacturer strive to ensure no one is killed or seriously injured in a Volvo vehicle from the year 2020.

However, this journey started some time ago – as early as 1959 in fact. 

From the three-point safety belt to changing the way a car is affected in a crash, Volvo has made huge strides across the decades to improve the safety of those inside – and outside – a car.

The graphic below has been created to showcase these monumental landmarks in Volvo’s progression in car safety, going through the years and highlighting the core achievements.

Volvo’s car safety legacy

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