Vauxhall OnStar connects drivers to a fully digital world

By: Andy Newbound


We’re in a world where technology plays an ever-increasing role in our lives. It’s hard to believe that Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone in 2007. Since then, iPhones and what we now call SmartPhones have progressed to become an integral part of many peoples’ lives.

It’s not just Smartphones that have developed. Digital technology now plays a part in almost everything we do, from streaming music and movies, to controlling our heating, lights, even our cookers and refrigerators at home.

So it should come as no surprise to learn that car manufacturers are beginning to incorporate more and more of this sophisticated technology into their vehicles. Vauxhall is one of these pioneers.

Turning your Vauxhall into a digital communications centre

The manufacturer’s fully integrated and innovative OnStar Service brings the very best of mobile digital tech into the cockpit of their cars. Accessing the car’s inbuilt Wi-Fi, drivers can interact with the service to safely maximise their Smartphones, tablets, laptops and more. Yet this only scratches the surface of what Vauxhall OnStar provides.

A dedicated OnStar App enables the car to communicate with its driver, informing them when tyre pressures are low, oil needs replacing, even when the car needs refuelling.

This App also enables drivers to lock and unlock the car from wherever they are; easily find their car if they can’t remember where they parked it, and even flash the lights and sound the horn once they’re close by.

Your own personal emergency response team

Perhaps more importantly, the Vauxhall OnStar Service works hardest when the driver needs it the most. For instance, if the car is involved in an accident and the airbags are triggered, OnStar will connect you with a live emergency response service.

The service’s Automatic Crash response opens a direct line straight to a trained Vauxhall OnStar advisor, who will talk to you via your hands-free speakerphone. At the same time, a damage report is instantly sent to the OnStar Service Centre including your location, travel direction, vehicle colour and damage assessment. If the damage is severe, Emergency Services will be directed to the scene.

This reassuring use of technology is what makes Vauxhall’s OnStar Service so valuable to its drivers. OnStar also plays detective if your car is ever stolen.

Tracking your car using in-built GPS

Once you report the car as stolen and receive a crime reference number, the OnStar Stolen-Vehicle Assistance will begin searching for the vehicle and confirm the exact location using the car’s in-built GPS technology. This can then be passed on to the police to aid recovery. It’s identical to having a tracker fitted to your car.

As soon as the thieves turn the engine off, OnStar can deactivate the ignition. This prevents the thieves driving your vehicle any further, rendering the car immobile until the police can recover it.

OnStar also helps if you’re having trouble finding a destination or just need extra guidance locating a restaurant, theatre, museum, or wherever you’re heading. By using the in-car Service Button, you can contact a Vauxhall OnStar advisor direct. They’ll help pinpoint your destination and send the exact address to your car’s SatNav system.

Please note we record all our calls to ensure that we give you the service you deserve.