Toyota Aygo X is Coming on Tour

07 Feb 2022 by Megan Maxwell

Following the positive responses from UK drivers, the highly anticipated Toyota Aygo X is going on tour! 

The All New Toyota Aygo X embraces styling cues from a typical SUV, whilst still being a city car with a “go-anywhere” attitude that meets all of the demands of urban and suburban life.

To showcase what the All New Aygo X will bring to the roads, Toyota is taking the urban crossover all across the North East for five weeks for a sneak peek. 

Fancy being one of the first to take a look? Well, here are some of the dates to get down in your diary…

First Stop – Metrocentre

Starting off the tour, the Aygo X will be in Metrocentre Gateshead during the February half term week (19 February – 28 February).

Not only will this be the first visit for the Toyota Aygo X, but it is also the first time it will be seen in the North East region! Throughout the week at the Metrocentre, our brand ambassadors will be available to answer any questions you might have about the urban crossover.

Apart from the exciting opportunity to catch a first glance at the All New Toyota Aygo X, you can also get the kids out of the house for a few hours. Result!

The Tour Continues

If you can’t make it to the Metrocentre, the next stop on the map is at Stoneacre Toyota Darlington. The All New Aygo X will be displayed here for two days: 8 March – 9 March.

With a team of Toyota experts, this is a chance to have a good look at the Aygo X, as well as speak to our sales team about how you could get your hands on one.  

Want to come down to the Darlington event? Be sure to contact the team to let them know you’re coming along. 

Toyota Aygo X Side View

We’re off to the Races!

The penultimate visit on the Aygo X tour is at Catterick Racecourse.

As one of our ongoing partners, Catterick Racecourse will be hosting the All-New Aygo X during the Countryside Ladies Day event on 9 March.

A great opportunity to get yourself dressed up for a race day, whilst catching a first glance at the All-New Toyota Aygo X – so be sure to grab a ticket before it sells out!

Last but not Least..

After making its way down the North East, the All New Toyota Aygo X will make a final stop off at Stoneacre Teesside for a week-long holiday. It will be in the showroom between 19 March and 25 March and will be the last chance to preview the all-new city car before deliveries start this Spring. 

To hit up this event, make sure to let the team know that you’re coming along.

Excited to see what the All New Toyota Aygo X could bring to your driving experience? Make sure to come along to one of the tour dates and see the urban crossover for yourself.

Make sure to let us know what you are looking forward to the most about the All New Aygo X in our comments, or get in touch with us on our social pages.

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