Top Ten UK Car Blogs We Love

05 Aug 2021 by Megan Maxwell

Happy National Blogger’s Day!

August 5th is a day to commemorate the weird and wonderful time we bloggers like to spend on making sure the blogs you read will provide great advice, news and information.

Whether you’re a regular blog reader or just happened to come across an article – bloggers like to think we’re the gifts that will always keep giving (hehe!).

To celebrate the day, we are sharing it with our fellow car blog readers by giving you our top ten UK car blogs that we love.

Is your favourite on the list?

Top Ten Blogs:

DriveWrite Automotive Magazine

If you’re looking for genuine opinions about life with a car, this is the blog for you. Geoff is a freelance writer but spends most of his time writing for his DriveWrite blog about the crossover of the automotive and lifestyle industry.

His blog is an honest but humour filled website, full of advice and handy tips – covering all your driving needs. DriveWrite is sure to appeal to anyone interested in authentic car/life matters with a whole range of categories.


Wondering why a car blog may be called ‘Ecurie’? Well, wonder no more! “Ecurie” explains that this is actually a French noun – meaning ‘stable’ or ‘team’ and is synonymous with the history of motorsport. So, actually a pretty fitting name for a car blog!

The main goal for Ecurie is to explore and celebrate the creativity of car culture. This is a great blog for anyone who loves the art side of motoring: featuring photographs, concept designs and art of iconic cars – past and present.

Bringing the best news of all things motorsports, make sure to check their site out for some of the best hand-drawn illustrations available in their shop.

Car Throttle

Any huge car devotee needs to read Car Throttle, “the internet’s largest community for car enthusiasts”. Founder and creator Adnan Ebrahim built Car Throttle in 2009 out of the fear that millennial car lovers were missing out on a platform for like-minded young people to discuss all things cars together.

Over a decade later, Car Throttle has grown immensely, with millions of ‘CTzens’ (the nickname used for their followers) following the brand for funny and impressionable posts.

Donned as a ‘Buzzfeed’ type of website, expect personal perspectives and topics that include reviews of different manufacturers and exciting supercars, and more importantly the fun quizzes – a millennial’s dream.

Check out one of Shmee150’s most popular YouTube video


Tim Burton (nope, not the American film director) coined his Shmee150 brand in 2010 when he stumbled across two supercars together at the same time and felt it was necessary to document the phenomena and uploaded a video to YouTube – the rest was history!

A vlogger, a blogger and a traveller, Shmee150 covers almost everything you could possibly need. If you’re wanting to follow Tim on his adventures or be kept up to date on some of the world’s finest cars, sports cars and supercars; you want it you got it!

A unique feature we love about Shmee150 is the ‘Shmeemobile’, in which Tim will exhibit the cars currently in his garage (either a long-term loan or owned) and those that he finally let go during his spending spree. Something to have a snoop at!

Girl Racer

Girl Racer is an online magazine that provides real reviews and news in England about all things cars. The blog also makes a special effort to showcase all emerging motorsport drivers, alongside the women who are pioneering the motoring industry.

Each week, Girl Racer have a special feature in which they round up all of the best motoring news that has happened in the past seven days, such as car releases, sporting updates and manufacturing news.

This is a great blog for those who need a weekly overview of motoring news.


Originally using their platform to focus on MG Rover in 2003, AROnline News decided in 2006 to widen their coverage to include all of the British motoring industry – which we’re glad they did!

The bloggers track the entire progress of several companies and manufacturers during the exciting journey – from the planning to the assembly line. Especially, AROnline keep up on their promises to bring their readers up to date on all the future plans for any cars to come.

We love AROnline for the exclusive sneak peeks behind the doors of car building processes, and personal insights into the owned cars who are the faces of AROnline.

Who doesn’t love a nosey at what others are driving?

Foxy Lady Drivers Club

Foxy Lady Drivers Club use their blog to help navigate women through the motoring industry by informing them about female-friendly garages, car insurance and buying deals.

Offering VIP services for women, the ‘FOXY’ brand is all about female empowerment and informing women about the male-dominated motoring industry without condescending them. The Foxy Lady Drivers Club is all about supporting drivers and giving them confidence when in need of motoring knowledge.

The blogs main mission? To raise the standards of motoring services for women, something we here at Stoneacre stand behind!


Autocar ‘Will it drift?’ feature

Autocar is great for car reviews and opinions for those who want to get into the nitty-gritty of a new car model (or even an old car).

Bringing to their audience a special feature of ‘Top 10s’, Autocar makes the process of buying new cars fun by providing intuitive reviews of all the car specifications – since every car has been test-driven.

Our favourite section from Autocar is their fun-filled video such as their regular ‘Will it Drift?’ feature, testing different cars’ ability to drift!

What Car?

Buying a new car, but want every inch of the car’s specifications reviewed before making that big decision? Or are you looking for a regular place to read all the best car news you might possibly need?

Luckily, What Car? have you covered!

From car reviews, opinions about car models, and the ability to compare different specs against one and other, What Car? really has it all.

The What Car? expert team give great insights on their reviews for many manufacturers and their various models – covering pretty much anything you’d need if you’re wanting to buy a daily run around (even though we wish we could buy a new supercar every month) and wanting to know the ins and outs!


The CarBlog is what it says on the tin – it’s a blog that’s dedicated to all things cars.

Featuring car reviews, car buying tips, car insurance queries and how to drive greener ahead of the 2030 global change, CarBlog puts drivers at the centre of each article by making sure it’s all the information they could possibly need.

They are the full spectrum for a motoring blog, and live up to being the UK’s number one CarBlog!

Ready to give blogging a go yourself? Top five tips to get started!

Have all these bloggers inspired you to get into blogging yourself, but not really sure where to start or how to start?

Here are our top five tips to help you get started!

  1. First off – write about something you’re interested in! This may sound silly, but trying to write about something that you aren’t interested in or something you don’t know much about can make your time blogging seem more like a chore than something you enjoy. If your hobby is knitting, write about knitting. If your hobby is seeking out the strangest cars ever created, then write about your time seeking out these strange cars. Let your passion flow into the words and be yourself, you never know who you’re going to inspire!
  2. Visuals are ESSENTIAL! We live in a very lazy generation, where people are only ever fully engaged when they have images and/or videos that relate to the content they’re reading. Visuals help to break up the text, so as your audience read’s through, the image will make them cast their eyes away from the text to look, and then continue through your content again. This helps keep them connected. Therefore, add a few gifs or an image of your strange car collection – your audience will engage with you more if you go that little bit extra.
  3. Choose the right blogging platform for you. Finding a blogging platform might sound scary since you are essentially creating a whole new website. But fear not if you don’t have website-building experience, that’s fine! A lot of the blogging platforms offer free design themes that can be customisable and easy to get started. We personally use WordPress, but there is also Tumblr, TypePad and Blogger – give them all a search on your web browser to find the right one for you.
  4. Do. Your. Research. Research everything; to see what your competitors are doing, to make sure the information you’re writing about is correct, what the common keywords are in similar posts to boost your SEO. Doing your homework throughout your time blogging can help keep you at the top of your game. “Since the more you know, the more you’ll realise what you don’t know” – giving you more ideas for content!
  5. The most important tip to take away from this – proofread EVERYTHING! No one likes reading a piece of content that is full of spelling mistakes or doesn’t make sense grammatically. If you have the chance, ask a friend or family member to give it a quick once over – or if they can’t, there are several online spelling and grammar checkers to help you, such as Grammarly.

There we go! We hope you’ve been inspired to read more blogs, and even to start writing your own! If you want to read more from our own blog, make sure to check out Stoneacre’s latest articles.
In the meantime, Happy National Bloggers Day from our Stoneacre team!

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