Top 10 Games for Long Car Journeys

By: Lisa Harper

With the summer holidays fast approaching we’ve got some essential travel advice if you and your brood will be travelling by car. We understand that it can be difficult keeping everyone entertained on long car journeys, and that many parents dread the constant chant of “are we there yet?” from the back seats.

Our top ten car journey games are perfect for long journeys as they are easy to play on the move, can be enjoyed by the entire family and are sure to make the miles fly by.

1. I Spy

A classic car game that can keep everyone occupied on the move. Unbelievably simple one person spies something and recites the line ‘I spy something beginning with the letter …’ and gives the first letter of the object they have seen. Other players must then guess the spied object, and whoever guesses correctly becomes the next person to spy something.

As well as keeping your little ones entertained ‘I Spy’ can help children become more observant of their surroundings.

2. 20 Questions

Another simple but effective game.  In 20 questions one person must think of a person, place or thing and the other players get twenty questions in which to discover who, what or where they are thinking of. The person who correctly guesses the right answer then gets the chance to start a new round.

3. Yes and No

One person thinks of an object or person and the other players must ask questions which can be answered yes or no. The person asking questions can continue to ask questions whilst ever they get ‘yes’ answers. However as soon as they get a ‘no’ another player gets to start asking the questions. The person who guesses the object or person correctly then gets to start the game again.

4. Make a Sentence Out of Car Reg Letters

This one is a great car game that will really get everyone thinking. Participants have to make a sentence out of different number plates. You can allocate a certain number plate to just one player, or you can make it more competitive by making everyone come up with a sentence for a particular plate and then voting for who made the best sentence.

5. Spot a Coloured Car

Choose a colour and everyone has to keep count of how many of that colour cars they have spotted. Choosing a colour that is less common is a great idea to keep everyone on the lookout. You can add a competitive element, by splitting the car’s occupants into teams and allocating each team a different coloured car. You can then see which team spots the most over the journey.

6. Roadside bingo

This one requires a bit of prep beforehand but can keep everyone on the look-out on the entire journey. You need to make up cards for each player with a selection of common road signs on it. Then as players spot a road sign on their card they can cross it off. The first to get a row across, down or diagonally wins. Or you can keep playing until someone gets a full house and manages to cross off all the road signs on their card.

If it’s not too much hassle you could even laminate the cards and use a dry wipe marker so that the game can be re-used.

7. Fortunately, Unfortunately

This game is sure to get everyone giggling! The first person makes a statement starting ‘fortunately’ and the following player must make a statement starting ‘unfortunately’ and so on until a player cannot think of anything to add and must be out for the next round.

8. I went to market

A car game sure to keep everyone’s memory razor sharp. The first players states ‘I went to market and bought…’ and must state something beginning with the letter A. The next player must then remember what the previous player bought as well as adding on an item, working along the alphabet as you go. Any player who forgets an item is out, with the game continuing until only the winner remains.

9. Word Association Game

One person starts the game by saying a word, then moving clockwise around the car each subsequent player must say a word that has a connection with the previous word. The faster the game is played the more exciting it gets.

10. Name That Tune

Sure to be a hit with music fans! Passengers must take it in turns to hum a tune and the others must try to guess it as soon as possible.

best games for long journeys

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We hope our list has given you some ideas to keep everyone entertained on long car journeys. However if we’ve missed out your favourite family car game then we’d love to hear from you - get in touch via Twitter or Facebook.

Don’t forget that one of the best ways to make a long journey stress-free is for the journey to run smoothly. In order to do this we recommend making sure your car is ready for your trip! Carrying out a few essential checks before you set off can save you both hassle and money in the long run. Or if you’re planning on heading across the water to Europe check out our essential list of kit for European road trips.

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