Love Island Car Hot List

By: Lisa Harper

Spreading the Love Island love in the office just wasn’t enough. Whilst we may not know much about our love seeking contestants yet we thought we’d take a look at the cars we think this year’s original eleven contestants should drive.


Quick to become the nation’s sweetheart unfortunately Niall’s time on the Island has been cut short. However in his short stay he already made a good impression with the public. Given that and his obvious love of Harry Potter, there really was only one vehicle we could choose the Ford Fiesta. One of Britain’s most popular cars it like Niall is fresh faced, fun and has a very tenuous link to Harry Potter (Harry & Ron flew into Hogwarts in the Chamber of Secrets in a Ford – albeit a Ford Anglia).

Ford Fiesta

Niall Ford Fiesta


Whether you’ve cracked his name or like Hayley are still struggling with the pronunciation, there is definitely one thing we’ve all learnt about Eyal – he’s deep. Keen to downplay his boyish good looks to reiterate his overwhelming spirituality, our choice was clear - it had to be the quirky all-electric Nissan Leaf. More to it than meets the eye, the Leaf was one of the first affordable all-electric cars to offer a realistic day-to-day range and is steadily growing in popularity on city streets. We think it epitomises the image Eyal is so desperately trying to portray.

Nissan Leaf
Eyal Nissan Lead


We think Wes could be a bit of a dark horse, spending 1k on a date! He may not look flash but he certainly can splash the cash. Which is why think his perfect car would be something out of the ordinary like the stylishly sophisticated and elegant Aston Martin Rapide S.

Aston Martin Rapide S
Wes Aston Martin Rapide S


The pen salesman from Essex needs a trustworthy motor to get him about. So what better than a BMW 3-Series M-Sport in Alpine White. Dapper - tick, trustworthy reputable brand – tick and a boot capable of storing stationary supplies – definitely tick, there’s a whopping 480-litres of space for a plethora of pens! Hopefully for Jack finding his soulmate will be as easy as finding him a suitable motor.

BMW 3-Series M-Sport
Jack BMW 3 Series M Sport


Adam has received a lot of press for his toned and muscular physique so it’s only fair his car should reflect this right? We think an Alfa Romeo 4C would be right up his street. It has nearly as many angles on its body as he does, and it’s the kind of car that gets you noticed, which we’re pretty certain Adam would be a fan of.

Alfa Romeo 4C
Adam Alfa Romeo 4C


So it’s fair to say we did a little social stalking to come up with our list and it seems Dr Alex likes the finer things in life. Posting a pic of a stunning Lamborghini commenting he treated himself with his first pay check. But as a NHS Dr we think he’d be far better with the sensible and safe Volvo V40. Raising Volvo’s profile, the V40 benefits from fresh styling and has a touch of luxury, which we think will get the thumbs up from Alex. Plus you’ll soon discover that just like Alex the V40 is full of surprises!

Volvo V40
Alex Volvo V40


Looking at Laura’s Instagram it is clear this girl loves to travel and get stuck in with whatever adventure comes her way. So we think she needs a car that’s equipped to deal with exciting life experiences. Step forward the Jeep Wrangler - built for the toughest terrain, it recently won the 4x4 Magazines Off-Road Award 2018. We think it’s more than to capable of dealing with Laura’s antics!

Jeep Wrangler
Laura Jeep Wrangler


As a West End Performer we think Samira needs a car that reflects her vibrant personality, which is why we’ve chosen the Citroen C1. Chic and sophisticated it can be fully customised so that the car is completely unique. Plus as a regular on the West End she’s sure to need a car that is perfect for nipping around the city, which she’ll have no problems doing in this smart little supermini.

Citroen C1
Samira Citroen C1


As the daughter of Danny Dyer we reckon Danni will be driving something with real class. So we’ve chosen the Range Rover Evoque; youthful, luxurious and super-stylish. Plus with Range Rover’s British connection we think it’s the perfect choice for the daughter of this British acting legend.

Range Rover Evoque


Hayley’s given the game away with a post on her Instagram showing her new Audi A1 equipped with shiny alloys and a crisp white colour- that’s brighter than Jack’s teeth! We don’t think we could’ve chosen better if we’d tried!

Audi A1


Kendall’s time on the Island was short-lived and bumpy, so we think she deserves a car that is much smoother running. Definitely a fan of the finer things in life we’ve picked the reliable and suitably stylish Mazda 2. This chic city runner is sure to turn heads and with its petite frame will be perfect for parking up in the city, making it ideal for Kendall’s party lifestyle.

Mazda 2 Kendall Mazda 2

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