The Best Car for Three Child Seats

24 Apr 2018 by Lisa Simm

Newsfeeds have been abuzz with news of the latest addition to the Royal Household. So if like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge you have three children under five (or soon will have), you’ll need a car that accommodates all of your brood safely. We explore some of the best cars for three child seats, look at which cars offer three Isofix points and share our top tips for picking the best family car.

The Best Cars for Three Child Seats on Offer at Stoneacre

Renault Grand Scenic

If you’ve been avoiding people carriers because they’re not appealing then fear not. This is something many car manufacturers are aware of, and Renault, in particular, has been striving to improve. The latest Grand Scenic doesn’t compromise style and desirability for practicality, so whilst it has benefitted from a stylish makeover, the space inside is still amongst the best in its class.

There are three Isofix points on the second row of seats and space is ample enabling you to fit three car seats side by side. Whilst the two rear seats are ideal for carrying older children. Plus the ease with which you can alter the configuration of seats using the one-touch modularity or the sliding rear bench is a real bonus.

With a multitude of safety features it scored five-stars in Euro NCAP testing.

Grand C4 Picasso

A neat and compact MPV that has all the space you could ever possibly need. Plus like all new Citroens, you’ll find it economical to run, making it a wallet-friendly option. There are seven seats in total, however, when not in use the two rearmost seats can be kept folded down enabling you to benefit from the impressive 793-litre boot, sure to accommodate everything you need for you and your tribe.

All three of the second-row seats benefit from Isofix points and fitting three child seats side-by-side should be a doddle in this spacious vehicle.

Honda CR-V

The CR-V is one of the few Honda models to have three Isofix points fitted across the back row. However you may find the reality of using all three Isofix points at once a little bit of a squeeze, so we’d definitely recommend looking for narrower child seats. Otherwise, space is the back is highly commendable with plenty of head and leg space on offer. The boots 589-litre capacity should make light work of carrying all your children’s essentials.

Like many other models recommended the Honda CR-V comes with plenty of on board safety technology and scored a five-star rating in Euro NCAP testing.

What’s more, the Honda CR-V is a great option for those who don’t want a massive car as it’s compact whilst being practical and durable. It’s not going to break the bank either as the cost is comparable to many MPVs.

Peugeot 5008

The Peugeot 5008 has impressed the experts scooping What Car? Best Large SUV Car of the Year 2018. But what can it offer your family? A middle row that has three full size seats, all of which are fitted with an Isofix point, means you should be able to fit your entire brood onto the middle row. As the children grow there are two pop up rear seats which give you the flexibility to carry extra passengers as required. However, until you need this extra capability then keep them down for increased boot space.

The Peugeot 5008 has not yet undergone testing however given that it shares similar features with the Peugeot 3008, which scored a five-star Euro NCAP rating, we’d expect similar from the 5008. Price-wise it is very competitive meaning you get plenty of car for your cash.

Volvo XC90

Volvo Cars has long been associated with safety, so for some, it will come as no surprise that in the UK no fatalities from road accidents have been recorded in the Volvo XC90 since 2004. This is largely thought to be due to the wealth of safety technology included as standard and the robust design of the vehicle.

The XC90 benefits from seven seats so gives you the flexibility to carry extra passengers if required. However there are only two Isofix points as standard on the two outer middle-row seats, so you would be required to fasten the third seat in the middle using the seatbelt fastening. You do get an integrated booster seat in the middle seat of the middle row, which is suitable for children over three years old, so depending on your child’s age this might solve the problem of the limited Isofix points.

Boot space is more than adequate when all seven seats are in place, plus if you don’t opt for a spare tyre there is a handy under flooring storage area within the boot, which boosts space further. It is the most expensive on our list, however, if you’re looking for a touch of luxury, practicality and state of the art safety features it’s worth looking at.

Adapt Your Current Vehicle

If you really don’t want to change your car or you can’t afford to change your car then what’s the alternative?

A revolutionary new product from a company called Multimac could offer the answer. This multi-car seat allows you to carry multiple children of different ages within the rear seat of your vehicle. It can transform a car that would only accommodate two Isofix child seats into a safe child seat for up to four children. It has been tested and approved to the latest European Standard ECE 44-04.

The Multimac can be fitted and removed easily ensuring that should you need to carry adult passengers you can simply remove it.  Plus it can be used in multiple cars so you can even drop it off with the grandparents to ensure they can easily accommodate everyone too.

Top Tips When Buying a Family Car:

– Most child car seats now come with Isofix fittings so be sure to check how many Isofix points the car your looking at has and whether if need be more can be added.

– Check your preferred cars safety rating using Euro NCAP website before you set your sights on it.

– Don’t be afraid to bring your car seats with you when you’re looking for a new car. It’s no good buying the car that you think is perfect only to get it home and discover you can’t fit three seats in.

– Bring the buggy too. Even if you’ve found a car that will accommodate the three car seats, you still need plenty of boot space for associated paraphernalia, so making sure the buggy or buggies fit is essential.

– Check internal storage space too. Many cars now feature equipment to make rear passengers journey more entertaining, so look out for flip-down trays, rear charging points for devices and handy storage areas for all those must-haves your child takes everywhere.

– Consider the long-term, it won’t be long before your eldest is requesting playdates so a five-seater might not be the best option. The flexibility of having more than five seats means that you can easily accommodate friends as your little ones start to grow up.

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