Survey: is new technology influencing our car buying habits?

By: Sam Bisby

The car industry in is a state of flux, with new technologies and regulations coming our way fast. This means our cars will change in the way in which we drive them, how much they cost us and what they can do for us.

Most evident is the way in which conventional-powered vehicles will be slowly pushed out by hybrids and electric alternatives . This is being driven mostly by the way governments around the world are cracking down on emissions to meet global targets. Of course, this will have a greatly positive impact on our environment and could very well save drivers money, but will naturally influence the motorist to rethink what kind of car they might go for.

Another key area in which the industry is seeing vast changes is connectivity between us and our cars, namely autonomous technology. A handful of manufacturers have already begun implementing this onto their cars, but the typical motorist is perhaps still sceptical on this being part of everyday driving and the safety of such technology.

However, a comprehensive report shows that autonomous vehicles won’t just have economic benefits in the UK, but also prevent 25,000 serious accidents and save some 2,500 lives.

Let us know what you think

With these rather significant changes coming our way - if not here already - we want to know if these have affected your buying habits, as well as your general preferences when selecting a new car, be it brand new or pre-owned.

See below for our short survey; we’d love to hear your views.

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