Strict new speeding fines come into force today

By: Alex Hodgson

It’s very rare you ever meet anyone that hasn’t broken the speed limit from one time or another, but it may become a little less commonplace from today (24th April) as the government continues it’s offensive on law-breaking UK motorists.

They have recently increased the amount of penalty points and fines enforced if you are caught using a mobile phone or tablet at the wheel, with speeding drivers next in the firing line.

Currently, if you are caught speeding the maximum fine you can receive from the authorities is £1,000. From next week, this will increase and you can be f ined up to 150% of your weekly income if you are caught out. Plainly put, if you earn £350 per week the court has the right to fine you up to £525. The maximum fine that can be imposed will be £2,500. That’s pretty eye-watering stuff for stepping on the gas.

As well as this, motorists still face the daunting prospect of having penalty points added to their license or even disqualification from driving altogether.

The decision has been made following a consultation last year where authorities agreed the previous guidelines did not reflect how much damage speeding drivers can cause. One sentencing council member, district judge Richard Williams said: “The magistrates’ courts deal with the vast majority of offenders in England and Wales, so it is essential that the guidelines are up to date and help ensure that sentences are applied consistently and effectively.”

It has been decided speeding motorists will be placed in three categories, or bands, to determine the severity of the fine they will face. In Band ‘A’, motorists will be charged half of their weekly income. Band ‘B’, a full weeks earnings. Those in Band ‘C’ will face the maximum amount, 150%. Ouch.

Drivers have also been encouraged to update their sat-nav systems at the earliest opportunity. This is to avoid being caught out if the maximum speed limits shown on the maps have changed recently, thus avoiding any hefty penalties.

We’re fully behind the authorities decision for harsher punishments, excessive speed is a huge killer. But what do you make of the news? Let us know via Twitter: @stoneacremotors .

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