Stoneacre Welcome MAXUS Vans

12 Nov 2021 by Megan Maxwell

We are so thrilled to announce that Stoneacre has welcomed a new van manufacturer to the family – MAXUS! Based at our Vanworld in Chesterfield, the MAXUS vans range will bring customers a variety of choices amongst our other brands.

Producing both electric and combustion vans, MAXUS are conscious to offer customers the chance to be eco-friendly no matter what they need to drive, so let’s meet the new manufacturers!


Who is MAXUS?

Innovative, thought-leading, and future-focused; Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) is the largest automotive group in China and is the name behind the MAXUS (formerly LDV) brand. With a long history tracing back to the 1940s, SAIC saw real growth from the mid-1980s onwards following several partnerships that allowed it to produce competitive vehicles by utilising the latest technology.

The company has several well-known brands within its portfolio including, the acclaimed MAXUS range of LCVs. SAIC has invested more than €2 billion in this brand, with a strong focus on safety, innovation and the introduction of new products to the range, including a suite of EVs that are already setting the standard for the future of eco-fuelled commercial motoring.

What Vans Will Feature in the Range?

The MAXUS fleet offers a wide array of both electric and combustion engine vans – ensuring customers are guaranteed to find a vehicle to suit all of their requirements. Dependent on what you require, the MAXUS vans offers both large and small vans for every need.

The Delivery 9 comes with four different models to choose from whilst featuring some of the best technology, such as air conditioning, cruise control and reverse sensors. Additionally, for those who need the largest of vans, the Delivery 9 can hold a maximum of 1360kg payload (dependent on the model).

MAXUS Vans - Delivery 9

Big brother to the e DELIVER 3, the e DELIVER 9 is designed with an impressive performance spec accredited to its 150Kw motor partnered with either a 51.5Kwh, 72Kwh or 88.55 Kwh battery configuration that produces a WLTP city range of up to 219 miles and a fast charge of 80% in 40 minutes.


We are so excited to join forces with MAXUS van manufacturer, available at our Vanworld branch, located in Chesterfield.

Our team of experts are ready for you to come down with any questions or have a look at what we have in store.

So if you want to find out more, check out our dedicated Vans hub below and discover your next van now!

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