Stoneacre Rotherham Mushroom Garage Becomes Renault & Dacia Dealership

13 Feb 2020 by Lisa Simm

Exciting things have been afoot at our Stoneacre Rotherham Mushroom Garage. As well as undergoing a complete overhaul of the showroom to bring it up to date, it has had a rebrand changing from a Honda-Mitsubishi showroom to a fully-fledged Renault and Dacia dealership.

Investing one million pounds into refreshing the building both inside and out, it marks a whole new era of motoring for the iconic Rotherham site.

The full refurb of the roof included replacing the Mitsubishi Evo which has sat proudly on top of the garage roof for over four years with a brand new Renault Clio. While new exterior cladding has updated the look of the building to ensure it meets the high Renault and Dacia specifications.

Inside, the new sleek black tiled flooring and branded Renault and Dacia furnishings offer a luxury environment which invites customers to relax and fully enjoy the car buying experience. While the latest technology and sleek displays will enable customers to enjoy a more immersive experience when choosing their car options.

Philip Wade, franchise and development director offered an insight into the reasoning behind re-brand;

“We have relinquished the Honda franchise at Mushroom Garage as it was always a satellite for Chesterfield. We can handle all Honda sales from either Chesterfield or Sheffield, so it was just extra unnecessary expense. Honda has always had the site marked for release once we had secured a new franchise. We will retain the Honda aftersales agreement though, so we can continue to service Honda customers locally.”

While addressing Mitsubishi, Wade commented;

“We have a similar issue with Mitsubishi, as they are represented in Sheffield and Chesterfield too. Like with Honda, we will retain the aftersales agreement for Mitsubishi.”

Find out more about the two new manufacturers offered at Stoneacre Rotherham Mushroom Garage:


Having produced cars since the 19th Century, Renault certainly knows a thing or two about motoring. At the fore of automotive manufacturer, with successes in both Formula 1 and Rally Championships, you can be sure Renault cars benefit from the latest technological and safety advances.

Their ever-growing range includes longstanding models like the Clio and Megane as well as newer additions like the Koleos which caters for the growing demand for SUVs. What’s more, they have introduced a range of hybrid and fully-electric options to their range including the award-wining Renault Zoe.


Dacia is quickly growing in popularity thanks to its no-nonsense approach and incredible value for money. Proving that sometimes the simple things in life are the best, the brand offers everything that you nice at an unbeatable price. The range has something to suit most, from the Sandero, a smart little hatch to the Logan a practical estate and the robustly styled Duster SUV.

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