Stoneacre Car Crossword

19 Dec 2018 by Lisa Simm

We’ve put some fun car facts together to compile our very own crossword. So if you’re a self-confessed car lover why not see if you can solve this Stoneacre car related crossword? 

Don’t forget it you’re struggling with the answers they can all be found somewhere on our website.

Stoneacre Car Crossword Clues

To make it a little easier we have put a link to the page with the correct answer for each question below:

– Which manufacturer makes the XC40

– Which manufacturer is based at our Ackworth branch

– What is the name of SEAT’s latest SUV

– Which Ford model was the bestselling car in the UK 2018

– Fill in the blank – Suzuki will be launching a brand new  ______ for 2019 

– Name the iconic Ford car which shares its name with a breed of horse?

– Which Manufacturer Scooped Top Gear Magazine’s Manufacturer of the Year 2018?

– Fill in the blank – Car relay theft can take as little as SI**Y seconds?

– Which city is our Aston Martin dealership based in? 

– Which car manufacturer’s logo features a scorpion?

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