Stoneacre Academy Parents’ Evening 2017

19 Oct 2017 by Sam Bisby

“The Academy is about changing people’s lives, seeing all the graduates and their families and how they have seen a difference in themselves and how they have grown and progressed, tells us we are doing our job right.” – Claire Rooms, Group Academy Manager, Stoneacre Motor Group

What a night! Our parents’ evening at Head Office was a perfect demonstration of how the Stoneacre Academy is changing lives and creating Careers for Life. We all came together this October for our third graduation ceremony and watched our 48 graduates from dealerships across the UK.

The parents’ evening was a great place for new apprentices, family members and employees to get together and celebrate all the hard work everyone has put in to their apprenticeships. We also welcomed 21 aspiring managers from across our group.

The students graduated with diplomas in either Business Administration, Customer Service or Team Leading.

Our MD, Shaun Foweather, talked about the intentions for the future:

“It’s Stoneacre’s ambition to grow its own managers from within the business and I see the future success of the company lie with having a skilled and motivated workforce.

“We are very proud of the graduates that have passed through the Academy and we look forward to welcoming them into management positions in the future.”

The Stoneacre Academy is a structured path into the motor industry whilst also gaining a qualification.

Since we started two-and-a-half years ago, we’ve helped over 100 students get into the area of the company they were interested in. 17 of the students are now working in management positions, which is exactly the kind of career progression we aspire to.

Next year, we’re running more programmes for aspiring management, service advisors and service excellence. In March 2018, we start our very first Technicians apprenticeship for students interested in car maintenance.

If you fancy graduating from the Stoneacre Academy or you want to enquire about one of our apprenticeships, give us a call on 01405 744 201

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