Our Favourite Classic Racing Games

By: Lisa Harper

As a follow up to our blog on our current favourite racing games we thought we'd take a trip down memory lane to uncover our all-time favourite classic racing games. 

Gran Turismo 1

The first of the now renowned Gran Turismo franchise had to make it to the list of best classic driving games. Gran Turismo 1 managed to appeal to a wider range of gamers, hitting the mark with both arcade and sim gamers. The game featured an extraordinary roster of cars, with each distinct model performing differently on the racetrack. While the state-of-the-art graphics ensured it was one of the best-looking games of its time.

Micro Machines V3

A retro gem of gaming Micro Machines V3 was a racing game that anybody could enjoy. Offering a miniature world of racing it was the perfect game for those who’d always wanted to see their toy cars come to life and race them around the dining table. While the Mario Kart-eqsue power-ups added a further enjoyable element to the game. The graphics may seem nostalgically naïve today, however,  at its time of release they were class-leading with V3 seeing the introduction of 3D graphics to this already popular game franchise. 

Grand Prix 2

When it comes to racing game purists, almost each and every one will give a knowing nod whenever Grand Prix 2 is mentioned. Possibly the first proper driving simulator, Grand Prix 2 utilised an early but incredibly realistic physics engine coupled with the latest in 3D graphics technology and as a result was one of the hardest racing games in history. However, it has a massive cult following and a huge modding community still exists today.

Burnout 3: Takedown

Not quite your typical driving game, Burnout 3 evolved the recipe of the series; an aggressive racing style rewarded players for being both the fastest and most ruthless on the road. The games impressive crashes brought an extra sense of fun to the genre. It proved that racing car games could just be fun and didn't need to be all about hitting apexes and smashing lap times.

Ridge Racer Type 4

An arcade classic, the fourth Ridge Racer instalment took the racing series to new heights in regards to both graphics and gameplay. Utilising the then latest in Playstation polygon technology, Namco made RR Type 4 look simply beautiful for its time, even visually eclipsing the much revered Gran Turismo.

Out Run 

Out Run was originally released as an arcade game back in the eighties. However, it was its release onto home consoles that made its popularity sore and secured its place as one of the bestselling video games of its time. While it was a typical race against the clock game, it utilised colour 3D 8-bit graphics that were a masterpiece of gaming back in the day.

Your Favourite Classic Racing Games

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