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Child calls police on her mum for drink-driving

Girl, aged 10, called the police to report her mother for drink driving on their way home from the theatre.

Man spends his sons' inheritance fighting a £100 speeding fine

A man from Bristol has spent a huge amount fighting a minor speeding fine.

Our six favourite car books

If you can't get enough of cars, then why not check out our blog on our favourite car books?

Fiat 500 - A Brief History

A retro symbol of times gone by, the Fiat 500 first graced Italian roads way back in 1957 and has enjoyed unprecedented success since its reintroduction in 2007.

Deaths caused by drink driving hit eight year high

Worrying statistics show that drink drive deaths are at an eight year high.

Vauxhall Corsa - A brief history

The Vauxhall Corsa is now a mainstay on British roads but where did it all begin. We take a look at the history of this iconic city model.

How to save £10 on fuel at any petrol station this week

Find out how you could save a little extra money the next time you fill up your car.

Road to carbon zero

The Government has pledged to be carbon neutral by 2050, but what does this mean for motoring?

Hands-free calls when driving could be made illegal

Using a hands-free device at the wheel could become illegal under new government plans.

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